As I Toast my friend and Complete Gentleman; Rt.Hon.Ben Uwajumogu. Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly

The text message I received about his elected Speakership was simple and straight to the point.

“Nna network dey worry here, ur man Ben Uwajimogu na the new speaker but the guy, his deputy and two others shocked everybody by decamping to APGA just after swearing in.”

I got both sober and reflective because Chief Benjy  Uwajumogu did not fail me or betray his pedigree of uprightness. He acted in the true character of his person.

PDP members could not hide their disappointment and purported betrayal by the only person the needed to fight His Excellency Chief Rochas Okorocha and APGA. Their potential leader in the state that would have helped them restore the dignity of PDP in the state.

He cannot be a willing tool in the hand of the people who do not care about the welfare of the people. Positive Change we know has being elusive in the past in Imo and we lack individual’s that have the zeal and the will to lead this change effort. This will have being shown by this singular action of the new speaker of the IMHA moving to APGA.

This is an opportunity for him to play a prominent part in this new awakening and the victory of the masses against the evils of darkness. I implore him to surround himself with like minds that can brainstorm and come up with good policies that would help restore the pride of IMO State.

Lets all join hands and invest in the process that would cause the change that we desire in Imo state.

Welcome Sir.

Chima Mbakwem

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