Okorocha Administration: Anonymous Citizens express concerns

My anger with  is that  you dont come in and start  doing things, with your own plans. Policies are raised at the lowest level. Why should Gov.Okorocha kill a project the prev government spent billioins to initiate.  He should strengthen and mange projects Ohakim started. Question is , were those projects people oriented? If not, he should get people to manage the project. If ohakim spent 5billion, why should you come in and say it is a bad project.  Ikedi was not a stupid Governor. He had good programmes. His problem was his personality. Do you need to come in and rubbish was Ohakim did without reviewing  how much time and resources invested in IROMA?  Pure waste!!. Ikedi was not stupd spending 4yrs on these projects.

 I tell u now Joi, your guy Rochas don dey act film; dey go catch civil servants wey come late. Rather than look for common punch in technology wey common maggi company dey use for America. He go dey look late comers. The man has issues that would come out later. Mark my word. The guy like power die. Person wey dey use convoy b4 him become Governor, just wait small . The real film go soon start.   Just do a baseline for water road n drainage then Hospitals ooo. Ordinary health care centers if u strengthen them u don solve 3/4 of healthcare wahala for IMO. Keep it simple dem no dey hear. There are real basic problems with simple solutions. Him wan run complex govt.

  • Lets not forget that those employed were only imolites not foreigners and that Your excellency, you and senator ararume openly criticized Ex Governor ohakim abt this job. On my suggestion,the ideal thing is fish out bad ones amongst the good & carry any necessary action. Laying off 12,000 or more youths for just 1hr can be detrimental(high crime rate,kidnapping etc) talk-less indefinite.This is supposed to be a rescue mission not invasion.I believe this was not part of the manifesto.There should be real sense urgency.I’m staunch supporter of APGA even b/f campaign but criticize unfairness.

  • Anybody who attended Assumpta Cathedral on Sunday 5th of May, 2011 would have witnessed the drama, between the Governor and His grace, Archbishop Obinna. I think our Owelle should really think over his policies and make wider consultations in his administration so as not to run into steep waters.

  • Who is shielding Ohakim?

  •   If you want to kill a dog, u give him a bad name. What have 10000 youths done to be pushed out of the service. I quote the radio broadcast ‘10000 youths that were given jobs three weeks to the expiration of the erstwhile Ikiri is hereby suspended’ now tell me 10000 youths that started receiving appointment letter since Nov. 2010 is now tagged people who received their appointment letter in May 2010. With all due respect his excellency OWELLE ROCHAS ANAYO OKOROCHA please i will like someone close to him to tell him to review the appointments to really find out those employed to punish the incoming administration. Beware of bad advisers .Thank you.

  • His Excellency Owelle Ndi Igbo,Imolites,especially the 10,000 jobs beneficiaries,their families and indeed the people who slept in the INEC office for days to protect their votes for you for no charge,are directly or indirectly affected by your unilateral suspension declaration. Know that a Necklace is better not dislocated because it can never be same.THINK WELL BEFORE TREATING SENSITIVE MATTERS LIKE YOUTH ISSUES.

  • I was with some Senators the other day in Abuja. I heard Ohakim settled Rochas very well not to probe him in Imo State. Rochas Promised not to but will somehow play along with the masses to fight Ikiri but nothing will come out of it. Because they reminded me about Rochas Inauguration speech. He said he wont probe Ikiri because if he probes Ikiri, probing will not stop therefore, he will move forward. I heard this one with my own ears so now they are saying it is because of the cash ikiri gave him.


  • CHIOMA: There have been three demonstrations so far to register their unhappiness over some rash decisions he has taken.  Eg. The 10,000 jobs, thats the one that really touched me.  Revoking jobs? Just because you want to counter Ohakim’s policies. 

  • JOI JOHN: Gov.Okorocha may have had a rocky start, I’m sure things will calm down.

  • CHIOMA: No oh. He shouldnt calm down oh! He should be doing Hurricane approach. All he promised, he is going against, where is his intergrity. Where is his interigty? I have always known you cant hold him to his words. I thought the Ohakim scenario may have taught him a few things.All he promised, he is going against, where is his intergrity. Where is his interigty? 


Please be advised that the opinions above do not represent the views of IMO STATE BLOG. All I did was to COPY and PASTE.

Biko kwa!

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