Before Madumere is impeached – Iwuala

It is now very clear that Gov Rochas Okorocha derives joy discrediting political office holders from Owerri Senatorial Zone in order to make sure that his own Senatorial Zone Orlu rules Imo State perpetually. The basis for this is because I have keenly and critically observed the Ogboko-Ideato-born governor of Imo State political intrigues since the year 2011 he ascended to power.

I could vividly note that from day one, the governor started discrediting his political associates from Owerri Zone from becoming governor but only value them when he wants to achieve his selfish political projects.
First in hand was the case of Jude Agboso who was Okorocha’s first deputy whom he set-up in an unjust manner and got him impeached as Imo deputy governor in the year 2013.

Today, after using his current deputy Prince Eze Madumere to record his first election victory in life and the unmerited opportunity of ruling Imo State for 8 years, he is now set to discredit him so as to prove his erroneous thinking that no person from Owerri Zone is competent to rule Imo State as governor.
Recently, there are clear intentions that because Madumere is now opposed to Okorocha’s selfish agenda to force his son in-law on Imo people as governor come 2019, Okorocha is at work again to impeach a man more innocent than himself.
I am not a fan of Madumere but a fan to the course that in 2019, a governor from Owerri Zone should emerge. Thank God I am a known APGA member and not of APC.

Unfortunately, my grouse is not on Okorocha but on the body saddled with the power to remove Madumere. That is the Imo State House of Assembly. Before this house commits another unpardonable evil like their colleagues in the Uwajumogu-led Imo State legislature did in 2013, I wish to remind the lawmakers that the political ‘blood’ of Jude Agbaso has continued to hunt people like Senator Ben Uwajumogu, Senator Sam Daddy Anyanwu, Dr. Obioma Ekennia, Barr. Pat Ekeji, Victor Ndunagu, Adaku Ihuoma, Victor Mere, late Eudora Igwe, Barr Greg Okemili etc who conspired and participated in that shameful impeachment. It is said that they were promised heaven and earth and in the end, were given nothing except going home with ‘blood stained hands’ and unpaid salaries and severance packages.
Okorocha is at it again to commit another ‘murder’. Now the ‘murder’ of his erstwhile political son and age-long ally Prince Eze Madumere for selfish benefits. Therefore, what happened to Uwajumogu and co. should be a lesson because the governor is known for using people to commit evil and turning back to destroy the same people he uses. Nothing good can come from Okorocha. His gifts are like that of Lucifer.

It is my wish that one day, Gov. Okorocha will be made to know that there is God and life is capable of stopping at any time. I feel the time is now. Therefore, the current Imo lawmakers should stop acceding to all evil requests from Okorocha and if they must impeach, it is the governor who has committed many atrocities in Imo State.

Barr Emperor Iwuala

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