Biko nu, how did Imo State offend EFCC? What is really going on?

 It is no longer news that Clerk of the Imo State House of Assembly, Chris Duru was uplifted from his office by “makuru men” of the EFCC. Two weeks ago, our Honourable Commissioner for Finance and State Accountant General were both checked into the EFCC den. How did the incumbent administration offend EFCC biko nu? What is really going on?

The State spokesperson declined to speak on the Clerks arrest when he was contacted by a national newspaper. He quickly washed his hands off saying that the House of Assembly was distinct from the Executive and he could not speak on behalf of the House. A spokesperson for Rt.Hon Uwajumogu did not help matters either. While citizens are kept aloof, Dr. Kelechi Okpalake, a former Commissioner for Information under the Ikedi Ohakim administration was swift to provide answers to our unanswered questions.

In a phone call with IMO STATE, Okpalake reached out to say that the Clerks arrest bothered around the missing N13.3b bond money left by Governor Ikedi Ohakim. He explained that the bond money was taken for income yielding infrastructural investment such as the Imo connectivity motor way with transverses 19 Local Government from Sam Mbakwe airport in Ngor Okpala to Oguta wonder Lake and which included thirteen toll gates and wonder lake project.

According to Okpalake:

“Imo was approved for 40 Billion Development Bond and the first tranche of N18.5 was released in the tail end of the Ohakim’s administration. Out of the N18.5b released, Governor Ikedi used N5.2b and the evidence can be seen in the renovation of the Oguta Lake motel and the 70% completion of the dual carriage Imo inter connectively motor way.

Upon declaration of Governor Okorocha, Ikedi Ohakim handed over a total of N23B and this was captured in the official government document he passed on to his successor during the hand-over ceremony.

The breakdown of the monies handed over to the new administration is as follows: 

  • 13.3B bond money

  • N3B SUBEB money in SUBEB account

  • N6B in local government joint local government account

  • N1B in Education Trust Fund Account

  • N5B in Agric loan account

None of these funds were captured in 2012 or the 2013 appropriation bill before the Imo House of Assembly and Investigation revealed that these funds had been spent without being captured in any budget law.”




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