Ndi Imo, have we forgotten so soon what Ikedi Ohakim did for us?

It is obvious that Rochas is either blind or thinks Imo citizens are blind.

First of all he said Ohakim never completed a single project, afterwards he admitted they were only 3 projects, now he has listed more than 3 projects. This is just laughable.

First of all, I will need to remind Owelle that the road to his village Ogboko was done, delivered and completed by Ohakim.

Ohakim cleaned up Imo State from the filth and garbage. Have we all forgotten the Clean & Green Project? The massive cleaning and greening of the state capital? We all know presently how dirty and disorganized the state is. The clean and Green project alone attracted a whole lot of investment into imo state that employed Imo citizens. Have we also forgotten the Imo Municipal Transport Service? Buses charged just N50 per drop and our school children were transported free of charge. Now where are those buses today?

They were painted black and are presently used to transport Rochas Okorocha’s Foundation College students. Have we forgotten how Ohakim raised the livelihood of okada and motorcyclist operators from okada riders to Keke owners, from making 1,500 a day to making over N15,000 daily.


Any imolite who uses keke for daily transportation should know that someone had the guts to provide and implement the ban on Inaga/okada. They should also know that someone thought about their safety and comfort long before they saw the need to.

How about the Okada/inaga accidents that were erased and crime rate reduced? Have we also forgotten how small taxi’s and tri-cars were also added, just to make sure imolites were treated like VIP’s. Where are all these today?

Have we also forgotten the politicized IBC Digital transmitters? Initially, okorocha said they did not exist. We all knew the quality of TV and radio signals before then and we know the quality now. It is shocking but it is true that Imo state has the best digital TV and radio transmitters in Africa(Harris Transmitters). Ohakim knew what was good for Imo citizens. In 2014, IBC would not need to upgrade to digital TV as compelled by the International community because they already are.

Have we forgotten the dualization of the entrances into Owerri, all with drainages, traffic lights and street lights? These traffic lights not only regulate the flow of traffic, they also regulate the driving behaviour of Owerri road users and imbue them with traffic discipline and patience. People who own properties and business along Orlu road and Okigwe road, know better.

Businesses boomed at night and there was an economy. People see and drive on the Okpala- Aba Branch road. People at the Iho-Ogwa, Ahiara Junction-Okpala Road or Umunama-Akpodim-Owutu Road cannot say Ohakim did nothing. Those who ply the Nnanna Ukegbu inter-State Road from Ngor Okpala to Ikwere in River’s State cannot dismiss Ohakim’s achievements. Have we forgotten the 10,000 jobs; MDG projects that installed a lot of water projects; even the Governors office where Rochas sits his ass to castigate Ohakim, was built by ohakim?

I can mention a lot of things Ohakim did that were of economic benefit to Imo citizens, Yet Okorocha said, he has done nothing!

Written  by: Kennedy Chima



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