BOMBSHELL!! Follow up to the Okorocha’s ADC/ Police story reveals shocking details.

We must have all read the story that alleged Governor Okorocha’s ADC beat up a policeman. If you missed it, read it here.

As expected, the report went viral on the internet. While following reactions across the Social media network, we were also busy behind the scenes snooping around for information that led to the alleged incident.

Was Governor Okorocha kept waiting at the gate? – YES!, Was there a scuffle? – YES! , and the million dollar question:  Did the ADC lay his hands on the police man in question? CAPITAL NO!

 After speaking with several contacts within the command and the government house, we are glad to provide you a factual account of what transpired behind the scenes. At our discretion, we have chosen not to mention any names.

This is what happened.

 After the birthday celebration for Her Excellency, Governor Okorocha treated the first lady to a private ride back to the lodge. They were in the company of one of their daughters. Upon arrival at the gate, there was an unusual delay.

Typically, as the Governor’s convoy approaches the gate, someone has already been positioned. We were told that there is a designated  “Runner” who swings into position in the event  a situation like this occurs but for some reason, there was no  officer at the gate or “Runner” available.


Unaware of the reason behind the delay, the A.D.C and other security personnel  quickly alighted from their vehicles and took  cover to guard the Governor’s vehicle. Shortly after the gates were opened and Governor Okorocha drove in, the security personnel stayed back at the gate to ascertain what caused the delay.

An eye witness disclosed to IMO STATE BLOG that the corporal, Itere Ewedor was spotted a short distance away from the gate and was heard babbling unintelligible words. As the A.D.C and other security personnel approached him, he corked his gun and threatened to shoot.  Tactfully, he was cornered and disarmed. As a first line of disciplinary action, he was taken off the duty post and handed over to the the State C.I.D where officers confirmed he had been drinking.

 Now that the alleged victim who was miraculously healed from Coma and released from hospital in less than 12 hours is finally back in the comfort of his house, can he provide the general public a detailed account of  the incident that prompted him to cork his gun?


  • The initial report has it that he was beaten to Coma. If he was in Coma, how was he able to answer the interrogations at the CID?

  • Can he produce a picture of himself with the “injuries” and  documentation to prove he was at FMC to receive medical treatment?

  • Our last but not the least question, did he confess to being drunk or NOT during the investigation?

Only God knows why that piece of vital information was left out of the report. Besides that, does anyone else wonder why such an authentic sensational breaking news story  was not published in PRINT ? Is there any reason why it was only published online?


As for the David Edhie  who’s name was authoritatively referenced in the report as a friend to the victim, how come there are no official records of an officer by that name?

Thanks to the  FOI bill,  it is so easy for us to get answers these days. Can anyone check with the Police command in Imo or the headquarters in Abuja to verify that they have a David Edhie in their books? Your findings will leave you speechless.

Not sure where these sudden stories are emanating from but their intent is very clear. How long will this continue?



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