RE: “Ohakim is my brother”; Owelle lied. – By C.Ukoha


According to the Bennis’ Leadership qualities, integrity means alignment of words and actions with inner values. It means sticking to these values even when an alternative path may be easier or more advantageous.

A leader with integrity can be trusted and will be admired for sticking to strong values. They also act as a powerful model for people to copy, thus building an entire organization with powerful and effective cultural values. This we’ve seen in Gov. Okorocha’s policies on education in Imo state. The vigor on which he’s pursuing educational matters in the state is commendable, but only lacks proper planning and due process which might affect the sustainability of it. The demolition of the New face School just because it was Ohakim’s project when other schools in our localities are begging for help is wrong, and amounts to another wastage of Imo commonwealth by this administration.




Humility is the opposite of arrogance and narcissism. It means recognizing that you are not inherently superior to others and consequently that they are not inferior to you. It does not mean diminishing yourself, nor does it mean exalting yourself. In sincerity, this’s one of the greatest week point of Okorocha, because he always sees himself as god.

Humble leaders do not debase themselves, neither falsely nor due to low self-esteem. They simply recognize all people as equal in value and know that their position does not make them a god. This is where Gov.Okorochas leadership qualities comes into test. Seeing himself as the Lion that would lead the sheep, shows that every other Imolites are the sheep. His utterances in several occasions, especially in a statement credited to him during Hon. Emeka Ihedioha’s mother’s birthday where he claimed that ex-gov, Ohakim is his brother, amounts to fallacies.

It would be recalled that Okorocha, in addressing ‘his government sponsored group’ known as Joint Action Group (JAG), comprising keke operators, mechanics, transporters and artisans that had issued a 21-day ultimatum for Ohakim’s probe at the house of assembly complex, Owerri, disclosed that his government has decided to make public the activities of the former governor within 14 days.

He posited, “I want to thank you for your patience so far. Honestly, I agree with you that it is worrisome that Ohakim did only three uncompleted projects in four years and 87 kilometer of uncompleted road project. So, the money must be somewhere and if that money is recovered, it will help to make health-care services free in addition to free education programme” Gov. Okorocha said.

He urged them to be law-abiding as the security agencies and other relevant authorities are set to ensure that the former governor faces the full wrath of the law.”   Newspoint

In view of the above statement credited to governor Okorocha, can we still believe him to be following ex-Gov. Ohakim’s footprints? Can Okorocha in all sincerity claim that Ohakim did only three uncompleted projects in four years and 87 kilometer of uncompleted road project?

Gov. Okorocha had claimed that Ohakim is his brother, and that he’s following his footprints shows that Okorocha is a liar, untrustworthy and undependable. If I may ask, in what ways are Okorocha following ex-Gov. Ohakim’s footprints? Is it by destroying the legacies and structures put in place by the man? Is it by the many lies and unprintable things he accused Ohakim of doing? The Imo Lake of Wonder, Nwaorie River dredging, the Ring roads, the Over-head Bridge and fly over, 10,000 jobs, which okorocha during his election campaign claimed never existed?



The Rev. Father Okorie’s issue which no one have been able to tell Imolites more about? Adapalm, education, Mr Samualson Iwuoha ( now working with Okorocha Govt.) flogging claims? The mismanagement of the state fund, Ohakim stole the state blind, etc? Until Okorocha, comes out in clear terms on various unfounded allegations made against the person of Ex-Gov. Ikedi Ohakim, he will remain a liar and a deceit on the faces of many Imolites.

Considering the outcry by Governor Okorocha that Imolites are difficult to govern shows that Okorocha rarely knows the people before coming out to govern them. Can we trust the same Okorocha who accused his predecessors of non performance, to now saying he sympathized with them considering what they must have encountered while in office? For now, Ohakim remains a hero considering the level of his achievements irrespective of distractions he faced while on sit.

Did Okorocha lie? When the post election killings by Boko Harams, in the North which took the lives of many people, especially the Igbos , of which some Imo state citizens were among, the statement credited to our Amiable governor, Owell Rochas Okorocha was that no Igbo son or daughter were killed in the various attacks which took place. Having read this statement credited to my state governor, it makes one to wonder what our governor stands to gain from such lies. Our governor claimed he visited the Igbo community in Sabon gari, and went on air to say that no Igbo man was killed in any of the attacks. It took the intervention and courage of the Igbo community leader in Kano state to put the record straight. He informed the whole world that Okorocha never visited the Igbo community, rather on a personal visit to the governor of Kano state. Imolites, can such a person truly be the leader of the Igbo race?

Invasion of Eze Cletus Ilomuanya’s Palace: Owelle Rochas Okorocha accused His Royal Highness, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya of engaging into partisan politics, and did everything to dethrone him with the aid of our rubber-stamp House of Assembly members, but today, the same governor has made the Royal Fathers political leaders in their various communities. Imolites, isn’t this a hypocrisy? It will interest you to know that the court has awarded a 10million naira damages in favour of Eze Ilomuanya for unlawful invasion of the Eze’s palace in Owerri, by Okorocha government.


Lawlessness: Upon assumption of power by Governor Okorocha, he announced the suspension of the 10,000 graduate youth jobs employed by his predecessor, claiming that such was political and that no job vacancy existed. With his men in the house of assembly, they set up a committee to look into it. All the applicants were directed to visit their local government of origin for verifications, and afterward, what we heard was that about 1700 employees are qualified, but today, the people know the truth, and soon, the clear winner in this matter would be declared by the Industrial Court.

When the news of the punching of Governor Peter Obi’s protocol officer at Alex Ekweme’s birthday in Enugu, by Okorocha is yet to digest, another scenario took place right inside the government house Owerri. This time, the ADC to Okorocha beat mercilessly, a security police officer for delaying in opening the gate for Okorocha’s convoy but, as usual, the commissioner for information, Hon. Chinedu Offor denied this even when ordinary Keke driver witnessed it.

Governor Rochas Okorocha is a beneficiary of the Judiciary. Even though the pronouncements by the Election Petition Tribunal and The Appeal Tribunal still remain strange to his oppositions, the PDP and ACN, because the process that brought Okorocha to power is outside the electoral act and the constitution of the federation, but he has in several cases refused to obey court rulings in favors of Hon. Dibiagwu, ( having been sworn in after much pressure from well meaning individuals and groups), and of the council chairmen.

The present logjam between him and the elected council chairmen which is milking the resources of the state could have been averted if he had followed due process in removing them. We’re in a democratic dispensation, and any action by any elected or appointed leader must follow due process. The recent abduction of an Owerri Council Chairman is another show of lawlessness by the Okorocha lead administration.

The IMSU relocation scam: This will remain the greatest scam in the history of the state. Up till date, no one has been able to tell Imolites how much has been expended, what was approved by the house for such project if any, from the state budget for the relocation of the Institution to Ideato. Setting up a committee to find a suitable site for IMSU is unjust, uncalled for and shows government lack of seriousness, because IMSU already have a permanent site approved by the past administrations.

KOSOVO AND OTHER ECONOMIC TRIPS: We watched on the news as well as read on the print Medias about the various economic trips abroad. Taking Kosovo for instance, one will conclude that our able governor was there just on a personal aggrandizement. Our governor went to Kosovo, which is yet to be admitted as UN member for economic visit. My question is, what kind of economic trip? Kosovo, which just emerged from several years of civil war, and are being supported with different types of relieve material for survival can never be in a position to support Imo State economically, and so, Gov. Okorocha was hosted on a red carpet as the president of Nigeria, and was there for his personal aggrandizement and not for any economic reason, as the state is yet to see the impact or gains of those foreign trips.

FLOOD DISASTER: The 50th birthday celebration by Gov. Okorocha, on which schools and markets were closed for self glorification to the detriments of the state economy, is bad. The worst high point of the whole thing is that Okorocha was busy flying all over the world finalizing arrangements for this event, when his people in Ohaji-Egbema and Oguta were surrounded by flood. They poor citizens from those LGAs were dying of hunger, exposed to the harsh weather, begging to be rescued, while their king was busy planning for his birthday, and only resurfaced few weeks later, having finished dinning and winning with his fellow kings. Is this one of the qualities of a good leader? Governing Imo state as a personal property by Okorocha should stop. He can celebrate his birthday but not by closing established government institutions for a personal birthday celebration.

Properties Demolition: The demolition of people’s properties without due process and adequate compensation is condemnable. In a situation whereby those houses and other properties were demolished, and few days later, shopping malls were erected by unknown faces cannot be termed” Development.” The people of Orlu recently demonstrated over the inability of Gov. Okorocha to fulfil his promises of compensating those whose properties were affected. Presently, most of them are living like strangers in their villages. Some are still sleeping under the canopies because of insensitiveness and high handedness of Okorocha lead government to the plight of those communities affected in the demolition exercise. In other state where such was carried out, property owners were adequately compensated, in fact some were even praying to have theirs marked for demolition because of what they stand to gain from the evaluation and compensation by the concerned state government, and so, the people in Orlu and other parts of the state should be treated as such.


ITC, ADAPALM, CONCORD HOTEL, IMSUTH,etc: The selling of these properties to concessionaires by Okorocha lead administration shows the inability of his administration to manage the properties entrusted on him. Those properties which belong to Imolites, were put in place, and or managed successfully by his predecessors. It’s on record that those properties were not properly advertised for outright sell or concessions. The people were not consulted as it was never debated in the house. The protests from the staff of those companies shows due process were not followed, and so some of those gray areas agitating for were left unsettled.

Roads: In terms of road construction, opening up the roads and linking them to the rural communities are good, but has to be done on proper planning. Lack of good planning in the award of contracts and proper evaluation of the quality of the roads is what has lead to what we’re witnessing in the various roads under construction by the present administration. The report credited to His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, that the road contractors working in the state were unpatriotic neither are they reliable, is enough to prove my point correct.

According to Okorocha, the contractors collected N13.9billion which is 30 percent contract sum and fled their project sites. His complain is a sharp contrast to his earlier statement that the contractors only mobilized when they have done reasonable jobs on the project sites to prevent them from running away with the money.

The use of quack or unqualified contractors has made the roads worst and impassable. It’s understandable the intentions of the governor, but the truth is, he can’t do everything or change Imo over night. Udenwa did his best, and so Ohakim, and we never had it so bad as are being witnessed today in the state. Accusing your predecessors of not doing enough, and in turn you’re doing the worst is wrong. Creating the impression that you can do all things might be the greatest doom for your administration. Plan with available resources in order to give us not just roads but, quality roads that can stand the test of time.

SECURITY: Okorochas accused ex-Gov.Ohakim of not having the will power to handle the security challenges in the state, but it’s now on record that Imo state tops the list of states where security of lives and properties are in jeopardy. Kidnapping, and armed robbery is the order of the day in Imo state, and we have a man who claimed to have all it takes to bring this to an end. We were delighted when the Imo Security Network was established hopefully, for the security of lives and properties; less do we know that they were created by Okorocha for ulterior motive; to attack his perceived political enemies. The attack on Council Chairmen of Owerri and Orlu, etc, by this dreaded group armed with sophisticated weapons shows the hidden agenda and falsehood by Okorocha behind the establishment of this Security Network.

Imo must be better, and for Imo to be better, she must first return to the hands of God.

By : C.Ukoha



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