BOMBSHELL!! ‘….Killings of Igbo people were cooked for unknown reason, as such they are baseless and unfounded’. – Governor Okorocha

Culled from Champion Newspaper. Written by Mohammed Kabiru.


“The Imo State Governor Chief Rochas Okorocha has said that all the phone calls and text messages sent to the East that Igbo indigenes living in Kano were massacred in Kano during the last Friday series of bomb blasts were false and baseless rumors that have no basis. Okorocha told Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso that he was personally disturbed at the rate of phone calls and text messages that were sent to the east that many soles of Igbo people were killed in the multiple bomb blasts of Kano which necessitated his visit to see for himself.


The Imo governor noted that on his arrival he went to Sabon Gari where many of his people live, ‘ but after going round and meeting with virtually everybody all of them denied that the story of killings of Igbo people were cooked for unknown reason, as such they are baseless and unfounded’.


He said already he had directed that all those that have started running away to stay behind as there was no basis for their leaving Kano, as the government of Kwankwaso is doing all it could to ensure the safety of all the non indigenes and the teeming people of the state. He said that Igbo’s were assets not only to themselves to the nation wherever they go. “Igbos are never a threat to anybody because what concerns an Igbo man is his business, that is why they should be seen as brothers not enemies’, he said.

He said Nigeria is facing a more fundamental and challenging period that requires all its citizenry to come together and solve them, he said they must see themselves as their brothers’ keepers not enemies as some want to see them.

He urged the federal government to provide more security to Kano because of its population and cosmopolitan nature, just as he urged Kwankwaso to give more priority in times of security to areas like Sabon Gari so that non indigenes should feel safe and at home. He assured that Nigeria would come out with a more brighter future from the challenges they are facing, ‘”but this does not mean we should fold our arms and leave the evil ones among us to continue to control our lives, we have to do something to stop them………..”

 Did Governor Okorocha really say this?

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