Chief Cosmas Iwu: Battling the Law of Karma

Following the defeat to Amb. Matthew Nwagwu  at the Okigwe Senatorial Elections,  Chief. Cosmas Iwu headed to court to challenge the results.

We patiently waited for the outcome of this case before addressing it here on  Was he seeking the votes from the PEOPLE or the votes from the COURTS? Only time would tell.

To the relief of many, Justice U.E Ekang of State Election Tribunal  finally struck out the petition  and upheld the election of Senator Mathew Nwagwu.

While we heave a sigh of relief, I can’t help but wonder why there was a Court Case in the first place when it was obvious the defeat at the Polls was clearly orchestrated by the Law of Karma.

Word on the street has it that Chief Cosmas Iwu  who is younger  brother to Former INEC chairman, Chief Maurice Iwu played a big role in the daylight robbery that  denied Imolites their choice of  Leadership at the 2007 Gubernatorial elections.

It is also widely speculated that the emergence of Chief Ikedi Ohakim as Governor  despite the fact that he polled in barely a handful of votes was courtesy of Chief Maurice Iwu  and,  Fmr . President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Over the years, POWER created a vacuum for INGRATITUDE and BETRAYAL to creep in.  Fast forward to 2011, Ohakim uses the same  tricks  he learnt in 2007  and sets up Chief Cosmas Iwu  to contest for the Senate seat only to FAIL HIM at the PDP Primaries.  As expected, Chief Iwu decamped to ACN  but ran out of luck there as well FAILING miserably, a second time.

This confirms what our forefathers warned us about. Whatever you do in this life to other people, whether it is good or bad, will be returned to you. The travails of Chief Martin Agbaso from the 2007 elections will forever linger on the hearts of Imolites. Indeed, there is a God that watches from above.

Isnt it interesting to see how things played out in the end?

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