CITIZENS REPORT: Open letter to Gov.Okorocha on the activities of HRH Eze Samson Osunwa

readers-mail-1I will like to draw the attention of his Excellency, The Executive Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha and the good people of Imo State to the activities of HRH Eze Samson Osunwa of Ihenbinowerri Autonomous Community in Njaba LGA of Imo State.

Ihenbinowerri Autonomous community was created by the  government of Achike Udenwa and Eze Samson Osunwa was subsequently installed as the first Eze of the community. It wasn’t long before the joy and relative tranquility enjoyed by the good people of the community turn into sadness, agony and despair as the new Eze revealed his true colours. The Eze started with incessant, rampant and recurring cases of highhandedness, brutal and repressive oppression of the people in and around Ihenbinowerri community. His wanton disregard for core African values is not just appalling but it is also atrocious. Sometimes last year, our Eze was publicly fighting with a man at the filling station around the community.  An Eze that beat up our mothers, fight in public places and intimidate member of the community with his thugs is not fit to be our Eze.

Less than a year after his installation, the Eze sent  ALL his sibling away from their father’s house and seized all the land for himself.   Does it not sound awful that after seizing all the land belonging to all his siblings,  Eze Samson Osunwa went ahead with his thugs to arrest and detain the person who sold a piece of land to his immediate younger brother who wanted to build a house for his own family. An Eze who is greedy, callous, coldhearted and cannot rule over his household is not fit to be our Eze.

Every year, there is the annual women august meeting which is always held in the community. It is at this meeting that vital issues bothering on not just the development of women but also the development of the community are discussed. It is sad to note that for the past two years, the annual meeting has not been held because HRH Eze Samson Osunwa beat up one of the Executive members of this great women meeting in a manner unbefitting and undeserving of the exalted throne of the Eze. It is repulsive and bewildering for an Eze to beat up members of the community he is ruling over. An Eze that disregard our mothers and sister and beat up our wives is not fit to be our Eze

Ihenbinowerri Autonomous Community comprises Four villages: abazu, Umuokpara, Umuneke  and Umuewuru . It will surprise you to know that the other three villages making up the community are no longer attending village meetings. Our mothers are being dehumanize and assaulted daily. Our brothers, uncles, cousins and kin are worried and scared. One is tempted to ask, why are the community members quiet hitherto? They have been quiet because they get threatened everyday by thugs. They are quiet because it seems the Eze have bought over the security apparatus in the community. The police only do his biddings. A Nebuchadnezzar is not fit to be our Eze.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was his arrest of four members of the community on Friday for reasons known only to him.

The direct implication of all these is that the level of impunity, lawlessness and disregard for constituted authorities has been on the increase. The community seems stagnant, and nothing is moving forward. Disputes are no longer being taken to his palace anymore. Do you blame the citizens? They are learning from the master, HRH Eze Samson Osunwa.

The world is a dangerous place to live not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. The entire community is fed up with his bastardized, brutalized and draconian rulership and leadership and have totally without any reserve, rejected him as the Eze.

On Friday, 5th of February , 2016, the community protested at the residence of Mrs Ohundiwe (Igolo), member representing Njaba constituency at the state house of assembly to express their dissatisfaction and anger over the activities of Eze Samson osunwa  and all the community is asking for, is  change. The community is not interested in who becomes the Eze, anyone but Eze Samson Osunwa will do for them. All we want as a community is change. The people are tired of being oppressed.

These are not allegations but verifiable facts and I would like to implore our amiable and listening governor, His Excellency, Governor Rochas Okorocha to send a government delegation on a fact finding mission to the community.

Submitted by a ‘Concerned citizen’

Name witheld upon request



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