CITIZENS REPORT: Open Letter to Gov. Rochas Okorocha over ICAPS. The Governor must hear this.

Your Excellency,

I am writing you this letter because all other efforts made not just by my humble self but also by the teeming Imo youths who are students of the Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies (ICAPS) to reach you and solicit your intervention in the affairs of our institution have failed.


Your Excellency, you are my hero, my mentor, my Governor and my adopted father.  You represent the hope of many youths not just in Imo but across the world. We believed you and at the risk of our lives, campaigned and voted for you. We believe that you are different, that you will not fail us. Today, those of us who stood by you have become football which the people you asked to oversee the Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies (ICAPS) are playing with. The problem is that the ‘match is in second half and only 5 more minutes to go’!

Your Excellency, on Wednesday 24th October 2012, the ICAPS K-9 team, staged a little ‘in-house Demonstration’ (as we call it in ICAPS). Reason, they have spent almost 10 months with no certificate in sight! Their instructors, Oga Rodney and Victor are no- where in sight for the past one week. They are drifting apart. No job, no employment letter, no salaries for 10 months. Your Excellency, these are husbands, fathers, uncles, cousins, in-laws and bread winners to many people. Is this the promise of Imo Must Be Better? To add salt to injury, the Bursar, Tony Obineme and Agafe Ambrose asked them to start signing their names in the Attendance register. Which they did as soon as the promised to pay them from this month. Question, do people receive salary for signing their names in the attendance register in the last week of the month or after the get their employment letter? The problem now is that it is only few that no this arrangement and they are not telling others. What will happen to the other security when they hear some are paid and they are not.


Today, only one lecturer taught us in the Nursing department instead of two. It was difficult for only Nurse Tina to teach, manage projector, do practical. What happened my Governor? David Day, ICAPS president said he will pay our lecturers for only 20 hours each month! Your Excellency, no lecturer in health dept has been paid for September. Now we are in 3rd week of Oct. Some are paid N2,000, others N4,000. Is that the meaning of ‘Work-Based Learning? President David Day, Bursar Tony and Registrar Ambrose are riding jeeps while our parents who are lecturers cannot buy bread for their children. Your Excellency, do you know that many of our lecturers trek home from ICAPS each day as they trek to ICAPS each morning? Do you know that we use to help our lecturers by buying some of them lunch? Ask Rino Restaurant staff. Is that transformation? Is that what you want us to learn in ICAPS? Now they want to kill our dream by driving The dr who have been teaching us free since March. Everyday, Tony and Ambrose plan a new thing against him. His crime? He treated all the Rochas Foundation School Children who were sick. Now Tony and Ambrose said he is trying to outshine them. Is that transformation?



Your Excellency, have you asked how the drums of Diesel Rochas Foundation staff sent to ICAPS were disappearing? Who made the arrangements to sell them, who called the people who came to buy them, how much did they sell them, where did the money disappear to? Do your staff know about this? Did they tell you?


How many of our female students and staff do ICAPS management sleep around with? Who impregnated and aborted the finance controller? A student or top management staff? W hat  is happening here sir!


Your Excellency, what is the process of staff recruitment in ICAPS? The ladies prove their skills in bed with top management while the guys work off their ass in the class room. How many staff are in the employment of ICAPS? How much are they paid? Why is it that staff signs for their salaries on a notebook without the amount written? Why is it that account staff don’t know how money moves from the accounts. Who authorize management to give bounce check to people? How many people does ICAPS owe and how much do they owe. How many banks accounts does ICAPS have?


Your Excellency, is it true that you approved that meeting in ICAPS Quarters on Sunday 14/10/2012 where it was agreed that the tables of the Admin Manager and Accountant sent from Government House should be removed from their offices on Monday 15/10/2012? Did you also approve that automatic promotion of Prince Okwy Obi, ICAPS Entreprenurship Partner to Vice President of ICAPS? Should a partner become vice president? Is that not conflict of Interest? If Ambrose Obioha is Director of Operations & Outreach as well as Registrar and his cousin Prince Okwy Obi is vice president, what kind of force have they become? Is it healthy for my institution?

My Excellency, ICAPS is now One Day one Trouble. We watch drama everyday.  If partners are not packing their equipment and going, David Day will be calling security to harass those he is owing who come for their money or staff are fighting those students who are speaking the truth. Once you speak up, they will start witch-hunting you.

Sir, are you aware that top management boasts of handling anyone who speaks to you, who tries to tell you or the public what is happening here. We have a cult sir. It is not students’ cult, BUT STAFF! My Excellency, is this transformation? You are the one who told us ‘nothing is wrong with the head of State, only the State of the Head’. What is the problem with the state of ICAPS Head? Is he being teleguided and by whom and for what favours? Tony and David Day are now the new owners of ICAPS IT dept. why did the partner go, how much did ICAPS owe him and how much did ICAPS pay him.



My father, Is ICAPS and ROFANS the same? Why do Tony intimidate all ICAPS staff and students to join ROFANS? Why should Tony Obineme drag ICAPS staff to his courtesy visits during working hours and blackmail any of them who insist they are working and refuse to go. My Excellency, Tony say you settled him with ICAPS. Is it true? Are you mortgaging our future to ANTONY FRANK OBINEME? Who is this   ANTONY FRANK OBINEME? A former Air conditioner repairer who suddenly became Bursar at the Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies.



My mentor, why do you allow inexperienced and unskilled persons to hold vital positions in ICAPS? Was this not the problem ICAPS was created to solve. What is happening now? Is David Bruce Day, a para-medic, a nurse, a management consultant or a CEO? How can a man who has apathy for documents be made the head of an educational institution? Why should a young man who last year was exempted from NYSC & sacked by his previous employer be made the Administrative manager of ICAPS while a career Civil servant who have put in over 14 years in service as an administrator is suspended without notice and for committing no offence.

Why should a fresh graduate be made the Accountant or is it Finance Administrator while the table of a seasoned Accountant from the Government House is through away without a reason.  Why should a semi-literate become the Bursar of an educational institution? Why are these things happening my excellency? Do you know that our president lectures Education, management, Jounalism, Public Speaking and he is also a Nurse, a para-medic as well as a doctor.


My Governor, help us. Our future is at stake. Frustration can drive us to evil. Please help us.

A man is as good as his word. Why did our president lie to the partners, to you, to us, to Imo state and to God. why does he say we are fools, easily blindfolded and stupid? Why why why? Does he have anything to loose if ICAPS fails No. Does Tony have anything to Loose, No. but I have so much to loose. I have lost an academic session already.  Please Help me. Do a staff audit. Qualifications and experience. Speak to students privately. Speak to staff especially our lecturers. Please do it fast. God bless you sir. God bless Imo. Imo must be better.

N. O (Name removed at  our discretion)





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