THE REIGN OF IKEDI OHAKIM: We cannot forgive but we can forget.

Not too long ago, Imolites were described as primitive and uncivilized. To add salt to an injury, the then PDP led government of Imo State further said that both women and men of Imo extraction had no gait as they walked Muga-mugali, a Statement credited to the former Governor that prides himself as ikiri (anu ohia). WHAT EVER THAT MEANS.

Back to the article please…


It was also purported that ceramic toilet wares were also too sophisticated for them. Do you all remember that? How can we forget such insult to our sensibility when our abuser was still toddler when our Ndi Imo started measuring up with their western counterpart?


Anyway, that is history. Isn’t it? We cannot make headway, if there is no history as history draws the comparison and different levels of development. It is easy to utter a word but not too easy to retract such when they are concerned with a people and their history.

Do you all remember when Governor Okorocha walked down Douglas Road from Amajeke through Eke-onunwo to Emmanuel’s College about two weeks ago, appealing to the sovereign or the masses to stay off the Roads while doing their trading? It has begun to pay off.

Nobody uses a horse-whip on Imolites any more. People now get their due respect and honour even from their Governor. Imo people are lovely and are the best of human species ever known. They have willingly left the Road. No more dumping of refuse any how. That is a bye-product of a Government with human face.

Meanwhile, even before the much publicized heap of refuse on along Douglas Road and other market areas, Government already set up a task force that handles that area. They go out in the nights to take care of the refuse sights and a whole lot is under way to consolidate. That is how Democracy is practiced and not the other way round. I hope enemies of Imo State from Imo State would have learnt little thing from the leadership style of Governor Rochas Okrorcha.


Like wicked proverbial father, when we asked for fish, PDP handed down a live snake to us; we asked for bread, they gave us stone – Now that they have been relieved of the role of a father, they now want to be a dog in a manger. What a people. My friend once said that people in PDP have no grace to do anything good. From a simple syllogism based on their antecedent, the conclusion is very right.

Another poser, who stole Imo Waste Bins? Okpaleke should please dig deep and let us know.

Attached are few photographs taken wthin two days interval from Douglas Road and Imo Chief of Staff even getting involved to solving refuse problems in the State:



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