COMMENT: Money for FREE EDUCATION can be put into more promising areas.

Recently, we reported an announcement from the State Government  that the Free University education would begin in September 2012. While many applaud the Administration for the initiative, many are  of the opinion that it would be impossible to sustain the programme.

Mr. Mbaliri happens to be one of those who are watching with their oyoko meter from a distance. This is what  he had to say.



” This project does not look feasible, it does not make sense. I had expected all those rural settlements with hard working farmers and vast green lands would be transformed into an Agric power house that could be the interest of foreign investors, boosting export and providing job opportunities. Have you seen whats happening in Ibadan and Ilorin? Or in the north where graduates of Agric related courses have been sent to malaysia to further more?

Please there are too many universities producing graduates year in year out, free education is not solving anything but would result to even more learned jobless and frustrated, drunks, con men and massive unemployed age set in our community.

The money for this Free education can be thrown into more promising areas. Development in Imo state is still not well distributed. Maybe our Governor needs to sit and reason with the likes of the Governor of Akwa ibom. (Godswill Akpabio)


The floor is open for discussion…..

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