LAND TUSSLE DRAMA: Owere nchi ise VS Imo State Government!

For days, the people of Owere nchi ise have #occupied the proposed site for the 23 floor 5 star hotel & ecumenical  center named “Amarachi”. Indigenes converted the huge expanse of land located off Shehu Yaradua drive (New Owerri) into a full time camp ground. The mobilization was led by  Chief Oweaya Anukam in protest that the State Government was attempting to take over their land by force.

According to an indigene who spoke to IMO STATE BLOG from the camp ground, that parcel of land is one of the few legacies left for ndi owere nchi ise and they were asking  the State Government to carry their monumental hotel elsewhere. He noted that the Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim had attempted to use the land during his tenure but when things were explained to him, he pulled out. Collectively, they are expecting Governor Okorocha to do the same.

The picture below is a snap shot of their camp.


We learnt the women came out with their ite-pots and firewood; serving  breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Some of them are clad in black clothing. The men on their part,  made sure their camp grounds had all the basic needs to make their new home comfortable. From canopies, placards, mattresses , chairs, make-shift bathrooms etc… .


Earlier today, spokesman for Amawom Village/Owerri nchi ise, Mr.  Macdonald Ebere went on Hot FM 95.5 radio. Mr. Ebere was a former chairman for the Owerri Municipal council. While on air, he disclosed that the land was the only land for the owerri people noting that the Owere nchi ise people donated the  land for Government House, Police Headquarters, Central library …. yet, they lived in shanties.

IMO STATE BLOG made contact with the Government House. According to the official we spoke with, Governor Okorocha had entered into negotiations with the people and has offered them an alternative piece of  land in exchange. The official explained that Governor Okorocha meant well and was not forcefully taking their land as people are being made to believe. That it was part of a ploy from the opposition to frustrate the Governor’s efforts with the theme: 


Ndi Imo kwenu!

 Opposition Kwenu!

APuGA kwe zuo nu oooooooooooooo!!. LWKMD!


The drama continues. While we are still on this issue, can any Legal professional  step forward with their knowledge of the Nigerian constitution to   weigh in on this matter.


Citing  Section 1 of the Land use Act ,  which states :

…. all land comprised in the territory of each State in the Federation are hereby vested in the Governor of that State and such land shall be held in trust and administered for the use and common benefit of all Nigerians in accordance with the provisions of this Act.”


 Where did Governor Okorocha go wrong? We were made to understand that the land had been idle for years.

If he carries the project now to his hometown in Ogboko, shebi we will say he has come again?

This writer is not taking sides o! All i’m trying to say is, let us put sentiments aside and  prepare ourselves to be receptive of  projects that will bring development and boost the economy of the State. Look at Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Lagos  etc…and see how well they have been developed in recent years, do we hear their citizens complain? Why should our own be different? Okay o!! Enough said for now.


  Let me go and look for what my child will eat before you people leave ndi govementi and  pounce on me.




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