Complaint from THAILAND: Prof. Viola Onwuliri must hear this!

Recently, all Nigerians in Thailand protested against some perceived maltreatment, corruption, and misrepresentation by the Nigerian embassy in Thailand.

Some of their reasons being as follows:
a. That the embassy is collecting 25,000 Thai Baht {US$830} to issue T.C {Travel Certificate} to Nigerians who has no passports or who has lost their passports and want to return home.This Tc is free paper from federal government.

b. That when Nigerians die the embassy does not care about them, making the Thai people to burn the bodies of the deceased after the embassy refused to go and identify the body. More than 5 times this has happened, and the embassy showed non-challant attitude to these we have 3 dead Nigerians cops in Thailand.

c. That the embassy is collecting 2300 Thai Baht {US$80} to issue a Nigerian identification or certification letter.

d. That Nigerian Community Association Thailand held a normal election and elected their a wonderful patriotic leader…one MR.GILBERT AKUDO NDIGWE {alias Kudos} but the embassy refused to accept the unchallenged result of the freest and fairest election held here. Their reason being that they don’t like the person of mr Kudos elected massively by Nigerians in Thailand because the man was elected primarily on his campaign promise to deal with those very few Nigerians wickeding, sabotaging, and setting up other Nigerians here in Thailand(Mr. JEROME CHIKE OBINABO )and thus sending many to jail. The evil men are afraid of him, and they ran to embassy via our drunkard and womanizer consular Mr.Abayomi O. Bamgbelu to cancel the election result.

e. That the consular has turned himself to a drunkard and womanizer in Thailand bring disrespect to Nigerians in Thailand. And that the few bad Nigerians in Thailand led by their evil leader mr. Jerry Chike Obinabo who earn their living by working as saboteurs,plant drugs on Nigerians force you to pay up to $5000 or they will send you to jail with Thai police .informants to Thai police to set up their fellow Nigerians thus jailing them…those bad people are the ones arranging Thai sex workers for the consular and so bought over his conscience with women and alcohol they always provide him. And the consular is now supporting these bad people who the previous consular Mr Henry Offor fought seriously to stop their wickedness against fellow Nigerians.

This evil mr. Jerry Chike Obinabo who claim to be working for FBI which is blatant lie is fond of rushing to the internet to first paint Nigerians in Thailand black. He is a drug dealer …selling drugs seized by police and importing drugs to Thailand. Mr. Henry Offor the former consular at the embassy was against him how he set up/plant drugs on many Nigerians who are today in Thai jails. This mr. Jerry Chike Obinabo calls some Nigerians on phone {when he wants to extort money from them} accusing that he got information that you are dealing on drugs, and that you must send him $5000 or more depending or risk going to jail. Many had gone to jail because of this evil man and his team members {Opio. Nsiko, Dike Aguleri, etc}. Ask any Nigerian in Thailand about these evil men…they will confirm to you that they are human devils indeed and the worst is it is against fellow Nigerians they are doing these evils {extorting money, setting up, jailing, etc.}
And yet this current consular in Nigeria embassy Thailand Mr.Abayomi O. Bamgbelu is supporting these evil men because of the drinks and sex workers they are providing him.Our consular always sit at local bar drink and get drunk with this devils and end up in the laps of a whore.This his evil friend took him pics naked with a whore during his marathon sex with a prostitute.Due to his habit of drunkenness he did no t know when they took him pics.

That in last year’s October 1st Golden Jubilee celebration, the embassy gave Nigerian Community Association Thailand only US$2000 to organize the celebration that federal government did not give the embassy any money for the celebration .when it was said that the Federal government sent tens of thousands of dollars for the celebration. That is corruption!

These youtube videos are evidences of a confession made in the consular office in the embassy by one of the Nigerian boys these old evil men are using to set up Nigerians And yet this drunkard consular did not take any action because it was his partners in crime.

There is a rumor going around that he the consular often gets cash gifts etc from these evil men to always protect and defend them. Please watch it later.

Majority of the Nigerians in Thailand protested against these bad things on that fateful day 23 August 2011, But the Ambassador who called Nigerians touts and the consular Mr.Abayomi O. Bamgbelu in the embassy who said the Nigerians are illiterates and are constituting nuisance in Thailand. This ambassador and the consular turned around against innocent Nigerians who participated on the peaceful protest Against Drugs,corruption,mispresentation…using Thai police to arrest them, detain them, torture and imprison them.

When will Marginalization Stop?

This man has lost all legitimacy to remain Nigeria Ambassador to Thailand.The amb Umaru sulaiman azores first son who is in University is an acute drug addict in Thailand.Using Nigerian Embassy official cars with Nigeria diplomatic number to go and buy his drugs in street of Thailand.

Please let the world hear this and help us.
Thanks and hope you can do something to help our leaders from the brutalities of the Nigerian ambassador Mr. Suleman {hand phone +66-818751***} in collaboration with his wicked consular Mr.Abayomi O. Bamgbelu {hand phone +66-8044463***}

How can Amb Umaru sulaiman azores and consular ordered arrest of Nigerians who protest against drugs and corruption.This is a very big question for them to answer.

I am writing to let Imolites and Nigerians all over the world and the world to know what’s happening in Thailand.

Thanks for taking part of your precious time to read this.

Justice frrom Thailand

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