Governor T.A Orji's Political holocaust against all of us – written by Uche Onwuchekwa


Going by the argument put up by Abia State Government over the ridiculous transfer of non indigenes to their various State especially the finesse the spokesman of the State labouriously adopted to drive home the justification in what they have done for which I, too, would have fallen for just like other hapless citizens, there seems not to be any justification yet for the Governor’s sanctionable actions.

Drawing from what happened nine years as yardstick to justify throwing the employees of other States extraction out of job is rather an anathema that should not only be condemned, discountenanced but should as well draw sanction from the comity of States and ultimately, the Federal Government of Nigeria. If the trend is not checked, it will only become a dangerous precedent that will for a long time haunt us. This is a deliberate resolve to sowing a seed of discord. Why did it take Theodore Ahamefula almost five years to act out this monstrous game?

Another excuse given was that the State would not be able to pay the minimum wage to her teeming labour force. This really sounds a great argument but wholly coltish and laughable. The majority of Abians and Abia residents are business inclined. A little explanation about the population of labour force in Abia State will predictably expose the past master in cruelty in the personality of Abia Governor. The call from all quarters for Governor Ahamefula Orji to rescind his decision has fallen on deaf ear. To add salt to an injury, the seeming cannon-fodder –like style of the Commissioner for Information of the State is another cause for worry. My conjecture is that this soldiering personality as the Spokesman of the State is harvesting what we on the outside are not seeing.

It is even better for a revaluation of what T.A. Orji means to an average Abian. Right from the inception of office in his first tenure, agreeably, the erstwhile Governor of the State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu had fought tooth and nail to have him as his successor for whatever reason, which he succeeded in. Governor Theodore’s reason for his woeful performance was that the Kalus never gave him room to perform. Again, the former Governor has been accused of over bloating the Abia Civil Service. While all these rationalizations are going on, Imo State has signed to pay twenty-percent minimum wage. What a flimsy and unpardonable excuse by a Governor? T.A. Orji for over four years or better still over One thousand four hundred and Sixty days can not boast of a two Kilometre Road till date. How selfish and callous way to deal with the people you call your people even if they are slaves. In Security, T.A. Orji was undoubtedly overwhelmed by the same criminals and kidnappers he allegedly armed for whatever reason.

One of the kingpins of the men of the underworld by name Osisikankwu, late, in the Nation newspaper advertorial had alleged a breach in contract they had with Governor Theodore Ahamefula Orji. Abia became a theatre of criminality. Kidnapping became the only booming buying and selling enterprise in God’s own State. It took the initiative of the Federal Government; in fact the entire Army had to move into Abia to salvage the situation. Today, there is still uneasy calm in Abia State especially Aba where most creative minds have migrated to the neighbouring States for security. In Education, Chief Ahamefula with his Midas touch in negativity had turned round this all important sector into a disteaching and disorienting sector. That is the worst gift a leader can bequeath to the future of a people.

Touring the three senatorial zones in Abia State was not only thought provoking but brought upon me so much psychological trauma for which I am yet to recover from. One begins to wonder what T.A. Orji’s childhood was like. What would have caused such an unpopular and parochial decision? During his campaign in the last election, Aba resident had rejected everything about the Governor. He met booing and jeering in almost all his outings. The Governor had threatened to deal with Aba as an entity and its residents. Today, T.A. is pushing and dismantling every business structure in Aba down claiming he is sanitizing Aba. Has he not seen that Aba, the supposedly commercial nerve centre of Igbo land has got no Roads? Has he not seen that Abia as a State has fallen below the expected standard of a poultry farm? For me Governor Orji’s posture seems is an agent of under-development. His body language and inference postulate a man on a mission to cause disunity in Nigeria. Governor Theodore has also behaved a mere settler in Igbo land on a revenge mission for whatever reason he may have against his Igbo brothers. His action calls for an enquiry into his lineage. I do not understand what he intends to achieve by his action other than to attack and destroy the very nucleus of Igbo Unity.

If the aforesaid is a misfit to the thinking of the Governor, then it becomes clearer that Governor T.A. Orji has become a sell out if not a saboteur on an errand to thwart the aspirations of the South East and their justiceable yearning to produce the number one citizen of this country. It is a conspiracy taken too far through an under performer who has lost it all in all facets of leadership. Do we not have Abians on the employ of other States’ civil service? I still do not see reasons why the Presidency is yet to come up with its stand on Governor Orji’ s holocaust against Nigeria by trying to draw every State against the other. This shows Abia Governor’s unconditional hatred against his people. His action has rather caused untold heart ache and unease to his people. His Peoples Democratic Party only knows all the back hand method to win elections and do have same to persuade their representatives in various positions to do the right thing.

While appealing to other Governors to forgive T.A. Orji’s gaffe as Uncle Femi Adesina had done, it is instructive that T.A. Orji be called to order to rescind his monstrous, unfriendly and seeming myopic agenda wrapped in his clandestine rationalization policy. Whereby he insists, his party should sanction him. Expectedly, his present administration should be declared a pariah government thereby starving it of all privileges it has as a government. T.A. Orji should, as a matter of importance, be suspended from the Governor’s forum. The national Assembly should as a matter of urgency seat and deliberate on the danger of T.A. Orji’s misstep and take the necessary step to nip this act in the bud and let it serve a deterrent to others. Back home, the South East Governors’ Forum should suspend Abia Governor until he backs out.

Wherefore, if the above steps are not taken to address this destructive action of Governor Orji, let it be known to all Nigerians that this act must have been an orchestrated ploy by power drunken politicians to lay landmines through a willing tool like Governor Orji to spite his people as we all know that minimum wage cannot be the issue and of course at issue has nothing to do with the past except we are made to believe that there is something wrong with the state of mind of the actor.

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