Countdown to Gov.Okorocha's 100 days in office.

 Typically the first 100 days in office  is a traditional period of political accountability . In a democratic dispensation, we track the highlights of the  first 100 days to evaluate the  accomplishments, initiatives and governing style of our elected Leaders.  As we approach the 100 days milestone for  Governor Rochas Okorocha, critics and supporters of the Administration countdown to a review of the  Imo Rescue Mission.

An August 18th, 2011 post on His Excellency’s facebook page reads:

In a few days, we shall present our scorecard of the achievements of the Imo Rescue Mission in its first 100 days of operation. Details coming soon.

Despite the  ” mild-turbulence” that followed Gov.Okorocha’s first week in office, supporters of the Administration are confident that there are notable achievements to share. What could some of these be?

Here are some of the responses on the Governors page:

  • Julieth Onyekachi – Pls SIR we are living in espectations, dont let us down because we believe in U, make us d Imo people proud.

  • Ralph O. Ahanonu  –Owelle, we are waiting for that scorecard. Lets see if we can confidently speak about the future of Imo under your watch in the accent of the present.

  • Emma De Bourgeoise Nwokocha How i wished to exchange you with mr peter (Ada)obi in Anambra state. You are really a pace setter, pathfinder, & trail brazer. Thumbs up!!

  • Mark Marcel Micheals –Like I said earlier, Remember to publish all the maladministration and failings, that way you will be truthful to your word. Also get in-tuned to leadership and governance theirs no time to waste.

  • Emeka Mbah –His excellency, thanks for breaking your silence on facebook… I guess you needed some time to settle in … We are anxiously waiting…

  • Adamu Buba- We are watching and the successes recorded is glaring. The pensioners are now having three times meal daily, that alone is enough achivement for 100 Days. We need people like you to govern the country. A philanthropist of the highest order when not in Government, the people of Imo State sholud get ready to cry because of joy and happiness. Good Luck

  • Amaka Agbasi –Kudos Owelle… My interest is in the rampant killings and kidnappings in the state!!! An unsafe state can never move forward cos you’ll never find investors around dangerous areas!!! Soon, the people around will start running for fear of their lives!!!

    So my governor, please make safety a priority in the state, and investors will NOT run from our beloved Imo!!!

  • Okey Josia Okoro I’m not yet expectant…365 days will be it for me/ ndewo Sir.

  • Cletus Adi- ‎100 days in the office remain four years in the previous political dispensation.what Dr rochas okorocha has done in imo state is only recorded in the united states, of california, read news.we are not to promise negative impacts, we remain faithful to ambassadors of good life.His excellency you have done great already ,please continue only God will pay this huge price to your poverty alievation.

****A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. As we get ready to evaluate the Administration, IMOLITES around the World are curious to note the accomplishments. What are some of your expectations? The Countdown begins…. . .

All eyes on Douglas House. Stay tuned.

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