Details from the Peace meeting between Governor Okorocha and the reinstated LG Council men.

Earlier today was the meeting between Gov. Okorocha and the reinstated chairmen at Sam Mbakwe Expanded Exco Chambers.

Gov. Okorocha who called the Chairmen his Children advised all to know when to drop politics for Governance saying development effort in the State should be left to suffer in the name of politics.

His Excllency chided the Chairmen for not honouring his call last Friday, July 27, 2012 saying they had no excuse ignoring Gov. Of the State.

The Chairmen prayed Gov Okorocha to allow them live out their tenure of office as they are not opposed to the administration. They further called on the Gov to help galvanise the local government staff work with them to enable them discharge their duties accordingly.

The Chairmen however prayed not to stick to August 8 dissolution date as such is subject to law.

They promised to work harmoniously with the State Government while not being percieved as confrontational to the Government.

Meanwhile, the Hon. Commissioner for Culture and Tourism stated the illegality of the process that brought the Chairmen into being due to the disobediences to Court orders and flagrant disobedience to rule of law. She submitted by pleading to Gov Okorocha to continue to pursue peace in the interest of the State.

The Chairmen after the group photograph with Gov. Okorocha went into a closed door meeting with him.

It is pertinent to mention how suirprised the Chairmen were at the level of development in the formerly decayed Government House. They were simply dazed and were looking at one another in betrayal to their premaditated hardline posture.


Uche Onwuchekwa/Government House, Owerri


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