Is the Nigerian Presidency attempting to silence Social Media?

The Special Adviser to the President on Special Duties and Social Development Matters,  Mrs Sarah Pane has said that the negative use of the social media by Nigerian youths is impacting negatively on the country’s image adding that denigrating Nigerian leaders through the medium has become a pastime of the youths to the extent that the Nigerian President has become the most insulted in the world.


 “This is not the type of record we want. Let’s use the social media for positive interaction”, she posited. 


We culled this from the Sunday Trust.  Can somebody please help explain what Madam Sarah means by this abeg?

It was not too long ago that  Lawmakers in Swaziland announced plans to ban users of Twitter and Facebook from criticizing King Mswati III. Mswati. In March this year, Swaziland’s Justice minister, Mgwagwa Gamedze, is quoted to have told the  Swazi senate:

“We will be tough on those who write bad things about the king on Twitter and Facebook. We want to set an example.”


Biko nu, is the  Nigerian Presidency attempting to silence us like they do in Swaziland?

The Social Media contributed a lot in the 2011 Presidential elections. If we didn’t have limitations during the numerous campaigns across social media networks, why now? Besides, if we should only report the positive news, what do they want us to do with the issues/policies we are uncomfortable with?

Na wa o!

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