Did James Ibori deserve his 13 yr sentence or was the Judge lenient?

The hour of reckoning finally came for Former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori.

Today in court, his Lawyer Nicholas Pernell  argued  that Ibori   played a part in supporting British industry even before he became governor. As evidence, he presented a letter from British Airways, thanking Ibori for restoring direct flights between Nigeria and Britain. He also credited  the former Governor for  contributing to development in Delta State and across Nigeria in areas ranging  Education, Banking reforms , Low Cost Housing and brokering peace in the Niger Delta.

In conclusion, the defense counsel asked Judge Pitts to take into consideration that   James Ibori had been under investigation since 2005 and that the Ibori children had both of their parents in custody.How is that our business?

Anyway,  the award winning presentation was useless to   nna anyi ukwu Judge Pitts. He  handed out a 13 year sentence deferring judgement on his achievements and failings to Deltans.

“His words

“I recognizes that there is another side to the man James Ibori but I am not the proper person to judge your achievements and failings as a governor, that is up to the people of Delta state”  

LWKMD!!! Oya o!, Deltans over to you! Did your former Governor James Ibori deserve this sentence or was the Judge lenient ? Answers please!!!


645 days will be credited to Ibori.  His sentencing today is being celebrated by many Nigerians. We cannot forget so soon how His Excellency, the distinguished James Ibori was acquitted of 170 charges right here in Nigeria.  Now, see how we have rubbished ourselves in London.   We have shown the whole world how useless our Judiciary system is.

I – WEEP !!



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