WORLD BANK PRESIDENCY: So Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was not good enough?.

  A few hours ago, the World Bank named  Dr. Jim Yong Kim as the  next World Bank. Despite the loud opposition from emerging countries who were rooting in support of Madam Ngozi, Dr. Kim scaled through to  become the 12th President of the institution. The unspoken creed between the World Bank and the U.S wins again.


We are not undermining Dr.Kim’s credentials o but, we cannot help but roll our eyes at his selection. The World Bank is NOT a charity organization or  a Health Organization. Where does a Physician fit in biko nu? What in God’s name does  an Anthropologist know about  international finance, macroeconomic policy or the global political minefields?


 Mrs. Okonji Iweala was a round peg in a round hole. How does one begin to fathom this awoof ?. On a lighter note, could the karma of the Fuel Subsidy removal  have had anything to do with this? LOL!!


To rub it in, they are referring to the Korean Born Dr.Kim as “American”.  Madam nko? Isn’t she an American herself?

Is it possible that she spent over 30 years of her life schooling  and working in America without a Blue Passport to her name?  Why try to make Jim Yong Kim sound more acceptable to   America? Just goes to show you how….. never mind.


Since Pres.Barack Obama has chosen his anointed, there is no point crying over spilled milk. We just have to dust off the huge loss and keep it moving.


How someone will devote Twenty something years of her life toiling for an institution only to be denied the number one seat is baffling. Hope this will serve as a lesson to   those who work 2- 3 shifts in a day  bursting their sweat for the white man.  No matter how good enough you think you are, you are STILL second class. HO HA!  That is the gospel truth.


Nna anyi ukwu Jim Yong Kim begins his  five-year term as president of  the 187 member institution in July. Answering “President” no be for mouth. He had better not fall our hand.



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