Did Prof.Viola Onwuliri actually sit through the National Anthem OR was the video doctorred?

A recent video clip released by Sahara Reporters from the Town Hall meeting with Prof.Viola Onwuliru in New York left everyone one with one question on their lips: Did the Honourable Minister of State for Foreign Affairs  actually sit through the National Anthem or was the video doctorred by Sahara Reporters?

The video which spread across the internet like wild-fire  showed Prof.Onwuliri, Amb. Jerry Ugokwe and the Consul General of Nigeria in New York,  Mr. Habib Baba Habu seated while the National Anthem was being played.


 Incase you missed it, see clip.

How could that have been possible?

On the other hand, could it be that Sahara Reporters doctored the video to blow their story out of proportion?  We set out asking questions and we were  provided with an hour long clip of the chaos that went down at the Town Hall Meeting.  Special thanks to RepublicReports for uploading the original video.

The clip shows  Prof.Viola Onwuliri and her entourage as they arrive the meeting venue. They walk straight to the high table and take their seats. It plays through the recorded activities  in the room up till when the Heavy Weight  champions of Brooklyn, NY took the stage.


 Due to time constraints, we know that most of us will be unable to sit through the entire 1hr 20 mins of the recording. For your viewing pleasure, IMO STATE BLOG has split the lengthy video down to the first 8 chaotic minutes.


 The answer to the golden question lies in this video below.  Once you have watched it, please feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you.




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