Dimeji Bankole Arrest: A warning to all corrupt Politicians

His Royal Speakership, Dimeji Bankole..being escorted to his comfortable Prison cell. Isnt this such a beautiful shot?

This is what happens to politicians who allow themselves to get intoxicated by power; drinking themselves way over the allowed alchohol limit of corruption. It was just the other day we were celebrating him as the youngest speaker in the History of the Federal House of Representatives.  I vividly recall the speech he gave, after his Election following Pat Etteh’s Ohakimfull exit. He said “I am taking over the mantle of leadership at a very difficult time. But these are hard times, we need to build confidence again and assure the populace that we are still their representatives. I want an independent house that Nigerians will be proud of, this is my first task.”

At 37, we felt a breath of fresh air had blown into the National Assembly in the person of Rt. Hon Dimeji Bankole. Guiness Book of World Records breaker. . . Harvard crash programme certificate holder. . . . Oxford trained business man turned Political juggernut.  SWEET BREATH of fresh air. . . . Little did we know that the so called breeze that was blowing was pretty much an air of corruption coded in disguise. This is the so called confidence he has built….confidence to loot without mercy on the poor who can barely afford 3 square meals or send their children to school. Looting stupendously; spending money on local breed  Nollywood actresses  to  name a few. Where do I start?

Tomorrow I wont be surprised if I wake up to read that all the charges against Speaker Banky have been dropped. Since that has always been the norm, I am eager to see how it would all play out. This is the first Exam for our beloved Presido. All that grammar on fighting corruption during the Campaign will be tested.

As for this Media aide  , Idowu Bakare that is still running his mouth defending Bankole; issuing press statements all over the place as per loyal servant . . koko beware!

Last statement issued reads:

Contrary to media reports that the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dimeji Bankole, and his deputy, Alhaji Usman Bayero Nafada, benefitted from the increases in allowances that necessitated the taking of a N10billion loan, the former speaker and his deputy never benefitted from the loan as they received only the old rate they have been receiving before the issue of increment was recommended by a 37 member committee and endorsed by an executive session of the House.

“Before the increment, quarterly allowance to the office of the Speaker was N100 million while his deputy received N80 million.

Principal officers’ increment:

“Other principal officers’ increment shows that the Minority Whip, Deputy Minority Leader and Deputy Minority Whip that have been receiving N36million per quarter received an increment of N14million to make up N50million each while the rest of the members got an increment of N14 million on the usual N28 million per quarter.

“The total sum shows that the increment amounted to N5.012billion per quarter and the loan was taken for two quarters amounting to N10.024billion plus interest.”

God bless you very much, Idowu Bakare. It is BILLIONS and MILLIONS you are writing like common A, B, CH, D (igbo vowels). . . . . no respect. As far as you are concerned, your Oga is innocent. WELL DONE!. I just hope you will have enough saliva to run your mouth when the poh-poh’s come calling?

Our Honourable Chairman House Committee on Works, Mr.Onyema Chukwura is also singing in Bankys defence: It is very sad, the EFCC coming at night in a Gestapo style to arrest him makes him look like a common criminal.”We have to look into the matter today because, in the eyes of the law, he is still the speaker. The law says you are innocent until proven otherwise. The fact that the EFCC operatives came in the night and picked him up in the presence of his children and wife is quite unacceptable.

With your 14 million naira increment, Why wouldnt it be unacceptable? These are the kind of people we elect. Aba trader turned legislators. What are they even legislating there to earn the Millions they earn? Allowances not included.

Yet you wonder why most Nigerians in Diaspora could careless abour returning back home. May God deliver Nigeria!

Back to my newly sworn in Speaker of the Kuje Prisons, the Wikipedia ranking Rt.Hon Dimeji Bankole himself . . . I will not sleep well tonight if I dont tell you how much of a disgrace you are to our generation.  You should be FLOGGED! I shake my head at a bright leader who allowed his light to be deemed by corruption . Americans say, if you do  the Crime, be prepared to do the time. Go ahead and make your self comfortable in your new Waldorf Astoria prison cell; familiarize yourself with your new Legislators from their different constituents.   GREEDY BIZAGA!

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