The Senate Presidency: Mark, Ekweremadu. Leaders in whom we are well Pleased.

While the likes of Dimeji Bankole and Ikedi Ohakim are smearing mud on the faces of Nigerians , there are still some good leaders who have proved themselves worthy of our vote. The re-election of Senators David Mark and Ike Ekweremadu as Senate President and Deputy President respectfully   goes to show that even in the midst of the crooks we complain about, there are still good ones who know why they are there in the National Assembly.

For any leader, Intergrity is Key. I congratulate Sen.David Mark for steering his sheep in the midst of the storm. In your acceptance speech today you said you promised to be honest,  fair, transparent and ensure equity and  justice. Above all, it is your desire to preside with the fear of God. I am touched by your words and I pray that God grants you the wisdom to make the right decisions at all times.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu is another Politician with an impeccable   record of integrity. You will never hear his name attached to anything scandalous. It is either happening at his back or infront of him. Never under his nose. I have been googling for information on this man. Nothing scandalous! If you see anything, please let me know. What manner of man is Ike Ekweremadu biko nu? Even as most __________ are buying Properties all over Dubai, America and the United Kingdon, I hear he does not own one property outside Nigeria. Dont know how factual this is but, how many of our Politicians can boast of such? That is what I call a MAN OF INTEGRITY!

We also hear stories of ____________ and their Hot pants; You will never read or hear the name IKE EKWEREMADU attached to any messy story. I was reliably informed that he does not joke with his wife. He carries her like gold. . . . . isnt that amazing? How many of our Senators can boast of such?

They say it is very difficult for the prosperous to be humble. Sen. Ike Ekweremadu proves the quote wrong. People who know him are full of praises. I hear he is so down to earth. Humble to the core! Never an air of arrogance around him. Infact, you will never ever know he has so much power vested in him.

 Sen.David Mark; I hear his own humbility is out of this world. He even refers to the other Senators as his bosses. They work as a team. Since I didnt know too much about him, trust me and my jobless self to do some leg work in far away Benue State. According to my anonymous snitch who is a family member of Senator Mark, I was made to understand that he is actually a bit on the reserved side and tries to stay as private as possible. NICE!

 I dont care what any body says, give me any of these two distinguished  Senators on a Presidential Ticket and I will pack my load  to campaign for them. Politicians of this breed are RARE in the History of African Politics.

In the words of Charles Caleb Colton,  He that places himself neither higher or lower than he ought to do, exercises the truest humility.

These are the kind of leaders, anyone with political ambitions should aspire to be. Just like I stated in my Congratulatory message to Senator Ekweremadu here, winning is not rocket science. No need to hide under the Party Umbrella, shadowed by  Political Godfathers, Politics is just like Farming. When you cultivate your roots by integrating yourself in the community  and also nourish the rapour with the people, they will give you their vote in turn. Sen. David Mark bull dozed his opponent at the polls, INEC did not have to do too much calculation to determine the winner.  Sen. Ike Ekweremadu  also won with a landslide victory thrashing his opponent the same way Sen. Chris Anyanwu did unto Amb. Kema Chikwe in the Senatorial elections for Owerri Zone.

Not to digress.

All I am saying bu dat na, when your hands are clean, onu kwuru njo ga ekwu nma at the 11th hour to work in your favour. To the 91 Senators that endorsed  the re-election of Senators Mark and Ekweremadu to the Senate Presidency, may God bless you all.

As we begin the 7th Assembly, we pray for God’s guidance and protection. May none of you be Ohakimed or DimejiBankolized. We pray for Long Life and against any deaths.Most importantly, for the few upright Senators we have, may  the _____________ Senators not succeed in dragging  you into their BILLION NAIRA Looting activities. As they are looting, holy ghost fire torment them!

For the lives of those who died in the Elections, all for democracy, may their blood not be in vain.


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