Disturbing News: Governor Okorocha promises Brand new Car gift to accident driver?

An Imolite just reached out to share  a very disturbing kind gesture by Governor Rochas Okorocha with the Blog.

According to  him, an accident  occured on Orlu Road over the weekend between a Sienna Van Driver and a M.A.C. Tipper/ truck. Luckily, the Governors convoy was cruising through and met the road block. Since the PILOT drivers could not FLY over the traffic jam, His Excellency seized the moment to walk to the accident scene. Now read this:

Both vehicles were damaged. The  Sienna was beyond repair; while the Tipper truck had  repairable dents. As the  Governor walked over to the Sienna, he questioned who owned the Vehicle. To the shock of my ears, when the driver showed up, he asked: Is this your Car? The reckless driver said:Yes Sir.

To the shock of my ears, the next thing our Governor said was: Dont worry. See me at the Government house tomorrow. I will buy you a Jeep.”

When he got to the Tipper truck, he told the driver: “You, dont worry. I will repair it for you. . . .”

That was it. Ofcourse, sychophants who had gathered around the Governor started clapping, hailing and praising His Excellency as his convoy sped off.


I am confused!

What was there   to CLAP about?.

Did our Governor not say that his Administration was a RESCUE MISSION?  For crying out loud, with all due respect and all protocol observed. . . . we cannot run the State like a Charity Foundation. How can we be dashing JEEP to someone who we dont know whether he was drunk or speeding?  No one knows if he was texting and driving ? We didnt determine who was a fault. I learnt for almost an hour, the roads were still jammed.

In my humple opinion, it would have been more appropriate if the Road Safety Commander was called to the scene. I hope I dont sound awkward  in  suggesting that the Road Safety marshalls should be trained to administer  field sobriety tests as seen in the Video below.

More details on this simple test could be read here

It would be nice if the Federal Government could look into this. That way, we can control some of these accidents.  When I think about what Money can do in our Country, I  loose hope because sadly, its just a matter of CASH. With money you can buy your way out of anything even MURDER.

The Police kwa nu that should be on the look out for drivers  on fast speed . . . when they stop you, there are looking for nothing else other than Money. Is it a not a shame? Why am I even talking about Speed ? In the first place, are there any SPEED LIMITS in Nigeria?

Introducing and enforcing  strict  regulations in the Road Safety Commission is one of the least ways a Country can protect her Citizens from untimely deaths .

Gov.Okorocha is trying, but this one no follow. I don look Manifesto  and, Car Bonanza no dey our  Rescue Mission Agenda. Lets stay focused.  

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