HILARIOUS! Civil servants jump fence to avoid disciplinary action by Deputy Gov.Jude Agbaso

 Civil Servants at the State Secretariat on Port-harcourt Rd were locked out  a second time for showing up late to work . This time, it was by our no – nonsense Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso.  IMO STATE BLOG learnt that   His Excellency, who arrived the State Secretariat  early yesterday morning was unhappy to find the place virtually empty. Our source who got to the Premises at 9am said the workers  had been locked out for atleast 1 hour. Those who were already present received verification forms to mark their attendance.  For fear of loosing their job, the workers began jumping the fence. . . .

Civil servants employees are meant to report at work by 8am. Often times  by 9:30, they are yet to show up to work. In fairness to them, some may be commuting from far places.  Most of the women  have little children they have to attend to before leaving for work. In most cases, they are unable to have good night sleep due to  Power outage courtesy of PHCN/NEPA and as such, feel drained when the cock crows at down.

In advanced Countries like the United States for instance, tardiness to work is grounds for termination. Some work shifts start as early as 5am; if you show up at 5:03am, you are late! But then again, the Government of these Countries ensure that there is constant Electricity, Water Supply, Reliable Public transportation and ofcourse, good roads!. To cap it up, the economy makes it possible for Employers to pay good salaries to their Staff.

This brings me to our Economy in Nigeria.

  Right now, the basic minimum Salary for Civil Servants is N 7,500 monthly. Finally, the proposed increase to N18,000 takes effect next week. Though commendable, it is still meager. In a Country where our elected officials earn   Millions monthly, a Twenty-five thousand naira  monthly salary at the minimum should not be difficult to cough out considering the rising cost of living.

It is said that Money is a powerful source of motivaton.When employees feel either over- or underpaid for their work, it affects motivation. People who feel overpaid may increase their outputs in order to match the high level of pay, benefiting the organization. On the other hand, employees who feel underpaid may respond in a variety of ways. They may decrease their efforts to match the low pay, ask for a raise, try to change the contributions or rewards garnered by other individuals, or search for another job. In our case, there are no jobs!! The more reason for us to take our job seriously. The  N10,500 increase should serve as a boost.

 If one gets up at 5 in the morning, it shouldnt take 4 hours to be at the desk. Strolling in at 9:30, sometimes 10 am is inexcusable. If we keep showing up late, reporting after our Ogas and Madams have long settled in, how can they effectively carry out their State assigned duties?

Not too long ago, there was a similar occurence at the Secretariat when Governor Rochas Okorocha locked  out the late comers. How many more occurences do we need to know that this new Administration has a zero tolerance for lateness? From what I gathered again, Civil servants in the State have already been paid their 2 month salary arrears.  Also, most Parents have now been relieved of the School Fees for their Children in the State. Hopefully, that is the first of many good things to come.

 Let us help the Government to help us!


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