Dont envy me because the people love me – Okorocha to guber aspirants.

owelle1The Imo State Government sincerely wish to take exception to the INTOLERANT attitude exhibited by some of the governorship aspirants on the platform of one of the political parties in the State at the historic and popular Oru-Owere cultural event, held on Saturday, August 2, 2014 in Owerri, who could not bear with the thunderous ovation the innocent crowd at the event had accorded their hardworking governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

It is very unfortunate that following the exciting ovation the Governor had received from the crowd and from all the corners of the venue of the event, some of the governorship aspirants in question had resorted to inciting few of their supporters around, out of envy, to begin to misbehave, while the governor was still making his emotional speech.

Governorship aspirants in the State should, for goodness sake, appreciate the fact that there is a sitting governor in the state, and courtesy, even protocol demands that he should be accorded the full respect due for the office of the Executive Governor of a state and indeed, the occupant of the office.

Anybody aspiring to be governor of the State, who cannot be civil or gentle enough to respect the person currently on the seat cannot be seen as qualified and serious enough to be governor, believing, the popular maxim that the measure you give, will be the measure you will be given.

The spontaneous ovation that greeted the arrival of the governor at the event and the thunderous ovation that also greeted his speech at the occasion were all the creations of the innocent large crowd. That has been the case. That was also the reason the same people didn’t want the governor to talk at the burial church service of the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa.

Under normal situation, it is the sitting governor who should be concerned or bothered about what the governorship aspirants in the State are saying or doing, or about the level of their popularity. But in the case of Imo State at the moment, the aspirants get cowed and even terrified whenever they meet Gov. Okorocha at public functions.

And the reasons are not far-fetched. Tolerance should therefore be the key word. The people of Imo State celebrating Governor Okorocha at every forum or event is not his fault. Imo people see their ovations or eulogies as their own way of commending him and as an encouragement to him to continue the good works since it is not over until it is over.

We therefore wish to sincerely appeal to all the governorship aspirants in the State to cultivate the spirit or culture of tolerance and bear with Governor Okorocha whenever Imo people celebrate him at certain fora. When you appreciate good tidings, obviously it will get to you.

Since Imo people cannot buy material things to appreciate Governor for the monumental transformation of the State by his administration, they have decided to be doing that by hailing him whenever and whenever they see him or meet with him.

We do not expect people to get angry about that but to join the excitement and the appreciation of his good works, since if you cannot beat them, the only option is to join them, to the glory of God.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant
To the Governor on Media



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