OPINION: Ohakim is a closed chapter in Imo state – Ifeanyi David

Here’s an opinion from a fellow Imolite on Chief Ikedi Ohakim’s candidacy.

Whether Ikedi Ohakim goes to Father Mbaka or to Cardinal Arinze oreven to Pope Francis, the truth is that he is a closed chapter as long as Imo politics is concerned. He should go and sit down and enjoy his loot and not provoke us further.

The untold hardship Imo people suffered during his regime was just too much. Which one will I say and leave the other?? Is it the 8billion naira dredging of Nworie river that was used as a conduit pipe to siphon our money with no tangible work to show for it, is it the non payment of teachers salaries and non payment of pension to pensioners, is it the increment of Imo state university school fees from N30,000 to N150,000, is it the destruction of people’s houses and shops without compensation, is it the removal of the Imsu vice chancellor mid-term into his tenure without due process and plunging the University into crisis, is it the much advertised yet non existent Oguta wonder lake resort and Royal Oak refinery??

The truth is that Ikedi Ohakim’s years as Governor can best be described as “years of holocaust”. Ohakim is a plague that will never afflict Imo again.

Na wa o. Does anybody have anything to say?



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