PT 2: Senator Chris Anyanwu’s camp reacts to Okorocha’s comments at Oru Owerre festival.

Yesterday, we told you we had reached out to Senator Chris Anyanwu’s office for comments on the incident that transpired at the 2014 Oru Owerre festival and promised to share the feedback. Please find below their response sent to IMO STATE BLOG (verbatim)



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Governor Okorocha has chosen to constitute a menace to women; an affront to women, and this a battle for women, only our strong and virile women will bring him to sanity. Governor Okorocha may have guts but not enough to let loose his tongue directly to Senator Chris Anyanwu. That is to say the Governor did not, and dare not, call Senator Chris Anyanwu a prostitute. Rochas has no liver to embolden him on this.

So, at the Owerri cultural festival, he urged the people not to vote for women who are generally prostitutes and who have the tendency to slap their husbands – and as usual he got away with it. Senator Anyanwu does not fit into his bizarre description and category, but it was well interpreted by the crowd, and reports thereafter, to be a statement directed to his enemy, the Senator. We all know, its no longer a cold war, why Rochas has drawn the battle line with Senator Anyanwu. Apart from Senator Anyanwu being his strongest and best contender in the 2015 guber race, Rochas will not forget the power wielded by Senator Anyanwu for his victory as governor of the State at the point when Senator Anyanwu and APGA had not been betrayed and sold out by Rochas. This is his sordid nature. Rochas Okorocha needs some sort of therapy, fast.

To this extent, no counter attack came, and none will come, from distinguished Senator Chris Anyanwu because in his usual cowardice, he made a general, sweeping statement derogatory to women. Women must come together to fight against such irresponsible and immodest conduct coming from a man who gives impression that he has no reputation to protect; who has no respect for the office and position he represents in the State.

The great news is that Rochas has raised Senator Anyanwu to the status of candidate. She has become a he-woman to be feared by king-kong himself. Rochas made a grave strategic error. He asked the general question: will you vote a woman? It is not just Senator Chris Anyanwu that is woman on IMO, but Senator Anyanwu is that one that he fears and dreads, knowing her strength and disciplinary nature.

That open, brazen statement that Owerri should not vote woman has gone down for him. Verily, the man who passed a vote of no confidence on woman before the ancestors of Owerri people; the man who declared at the timber market Orlu that Imo women are the worst prostitutes will never again enjoy the votes of women.

Oru Owerri festival venue was a declaration of war against woman. He will be defeated and deflated by woman, God being alive and living.


Vivian Jonathan Iwuoha

Special Assistant to the Distinguished Senator on Public Affairs & Communications.



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