EFCC: The endless futile voyage in Imo state – By Emma Uzoma

Recently, I stumbled on a beautiful booklet. It was a well designed book for which at first glance, I had almost mistaken the booklet for Alice in the Wonderland. Assuaging my probing eyes, I got closer to feel the thickly back covered booklet only to discover that it was an archive of the erstwhile Governor of Imo State’s achievement in office. The book must have been produced by a master himself.  Curiosity led me into embarking on a little inspection of the booklet as it were. I was particularly attracted by a magnificent Porsche looking resort that looked as though it was the promised heavenly paradise. That was the completed Imo Wonder Lake Resort Hotel that never existed.

Immediately, I woke up from that seeming malaria induced dream. I examined further, I then realized it was never a dream after all. It was real. I shouted; where is EFCC? Over N62 billion fraud had been alleged against PDP administration under Ohakim alone, one still wonders why EFCC is yet to come up with any statement on that. These institutions of crime fighting to say the least and most probably may be nothing but the bingos of the system that established them.

That torment and heart broken expose on PDP pillaging against Imo people calls for sober reflection. I asked one question, where could we have gone wrong against this supposedly children of Imo State?

The disquiet in Imo State over the endless harassment of Governor Okorocha led government has got to the height where people are beginning to ask question over the root of the continual embarrassment being meted out to Governor Okorocha’s aides especially, the commissioner of Finance, Deacon Chike Okafor and his counterpart, the Accountant General, Mr. George Eche.

The history of these perennial invitations and consequent incessant arrest is becoming an albatross to the progress of the State.   Before now, it was the headache of the defunct PDP ALGON fighting messy and selling ill conceieved foul information to the public. I agree that Governor Okorocha may have hurriedly pronounced their dissolution but that act was founded on the bases that the election that brought them into being was fraught with so much controversy to the extent the National headquarters of PDP advised the then self styled ikiri against going ahead with the election. Of course myriads legal fireworks were the climax. Interlocutory injunctions were granted for the stoppage of that election but impunity took the centre stage and lo and behold names were manufactured and were inaugurated on a Sunday. Again, at the expiration of the tenure of PDP chairmen, they embarked on shadow chasing, this time, asking for prolongation of their tenure. Their case was thrown out for lack of merit.

Sorry for the revisit but it is still not unconnected with one of the tools being  used by the PDP generals to stop Okorocha. The reason for that Local Government brouhaha was its political potentiality as a clog to the wheel of progress of the present administration. It is on record that through out the tenure of those PDP rascals, not even a till could be found anywhere. Those positioning themselves for the juicy job as number one citizen of Imo State felt they could make political gains from Local government saga. Today, they are out of the way and Imo State is moving forward.

 Getting back on track, having failed woefully in the local government gambit and having been dwarfed so badly by Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s led APGA government in performance in comparison with Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s less than two years in office as against PDP’s twelve years of locust, the only adoptable option left to the PDP is to leave the debate of leadership and and governance to begin to labour to smear the good name Owelle Rochas Okorocha has built over time. How best they felt they could achieve this is only through a-make-believe script of corruption. They have been putting this to test by their wanton false alarm being raised almost on daily bases.

What is disappointing in all these are the facts that Peoples Democratic Party cannot say that they have anything at all on ground to be remembered for. The last we had of them in Imo State was the outlining of white elephant projects that never existed anywhere.  Where were the PDP (theif)tains when the schools in Imo State were in messy state? Where were the PDP critiques? Bearing in mind that they have fallen short of their nuisance value and as a drowning party in Imo State, they are scampering for anything to hold at all cost for a life line.

Interestingly, Governor Okorocha who is today perceived as an enemy by PDP had been wooed severally by the same party. The party in question had tried all her tricks to achieving that but the man in question is a progressive and never saw any conceivable and convincing reason to return to a party that is wholly ant – democratic. One begins to wonder why the man hunt on the man that has actually shown innovation and redefined politics far off from what it is to PDP.

Interestingly, all the allegations leveled against Imo State government are based on phantom charges whipped up by dare-devil PDP con artistes whose job description is keep producing fiction and sell them to the agencies as truth. I am strongly constrained to believe that the officers in EFCC are being persuaded to keep up with the harassing project in Imo to portray a corrupt scenario. I do not believe that officers of EFCC are morons. They cannot be. They are well trained personnel who know their jobs even to their finger tips. I keep wondering why they wait not for a command to go forth before they pounce on Governor Okorocha led government. The petitions against Okorocha’s government are perennially baseless, infantile, and irresponsible. I would have said that nothing could have been stupider than the acts of people behind those fictions, were it not the fact they are considerably and supposedly elders. How unpatriotic? It’s a shame. My conjecture is that the hands of EFCC officials are tied.

Ironically, those who have been established as criminals who at no time had pretended not to be one are having a field day. That is the model of leadership we have in Nigeria, which is fast becoming a place where criminals are kings. Those of them who may have been offended for going against the powers that be are given presidential pardon and justifiably too.

Ndi igbo siri na nwanyi lua di abuo, ohoro nke ka nma. If the present government were to be as corrupt, it is the easiest thing to know. Comparatively, EFCC and the PDP led Federal Government led under President Jonathan should bother to know the achievement of the immediate past government and other former PDP administration, find out how much accrued to them as income and what their achievements and legacies are. At this point, it is expected the outcome of this investigation should be compared with the present government led by Owelle Rochas Okorocha even though he is about two years in office.

This is a government that constructed close to one thousand kilometers of road. This is a man who has declared free education from primary to secondary schools and a tuition free education in all Imo state owned tertiary institutions. This is a man who has procured school uniforms, desks and seats, books, shoes for ever increasing students of over eight hundred thousand. About ten thousand computers have been procured for Imo students. This is a man who has completed about two hundred of the precast twelve class room blocks out of three hundred and five twelve class room blocks he promised Imo people. Again, this is a man who is constructing twenty-seven general hospitals in Imo State. Were it not for the spanner thrown by PDP, I am sure the hospitals would have been delivered before now. Interestingly, for his care for the less privileged, he established Imo Sate Foundation; For his sense of decency and civility, he creatively changed Imo State Government House to an atmosphere of sanity than a place of where anything goes it was. This was a man who cut down his security vote for the children of the poor to go to school.  

The EFCC from every available record has no reason not to be professional and objective. In reality they are innocent of the impunity being committed every other day but they are only indicted for being subservient to political machinations. I submit that if EFCC and other corruption fighting agencies are insulated from political hypnosis, I believe that Imo State should be one of the cleanest in terms of corruption in Nigeria, which I trust it remains as I call on the relevant agencies to disregard the plastering of mud by the enemies of the people by looking at the substance of every matter raised.





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