Elder Statesman, Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu reviews proposed Six year term

Former CPC  Deputy Gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Okechukwu .S. Mezu has proven himself to be a thoughtful and sensible leader on tough issues affecting the Political affairs of our Country. While not many have been brave enough to address President Goodluck Jonathan’s proposed Six year term, Dr. Mezu articulately delivers an excellent piece in review of the Bill.


No Six Year Term for President and Governors

Here are some Excerpts:


“What is the urgency for term elongation for the President and State Governors who find it difficult to pay the poor, lean and hungry looking civil servant a paltry proposed minimum wage of N18,000 (Naira about $120 US Dollars) a month?.”

“. . . . the call for a six-year term for the President and the State Governors is an unnecessary distraction in Nigeria where most of those in government came to power through election rigging, multiple thumb-printing of ballots by individuals, killing and maiming of political opponents..”

“The interest of some of these vampires is not good government or governance but the looting of the National Treasury”. 


The Elder Statesman bodly rips the BILL apart as he takes us down memory lane to the Nigeria – Biafra War (1967-1970). He  raises questions only President Jonathan can answer. Visit our Affiliate blog – POLITICS NIGERIA  to read the article in full.



A few months back, I  opposed the candidacy of  Dr. S. Okechukwu alongside Hon.Emeka Nwajuba at the Gubernatorial elections. I still maintain my stance. In my opinion, it was a mismatched ticket;  he was too good to serve the State as a Deputy Governor.

I am also of the opinion that Leaders of his calibre  are  the kind of representatives we need in the Presidency. With Advisers like Dr.Mezu in a Federal Cabinet, such BILLS would not leave the mouth of any President. Let alone, be seen at  the National Assembly. . .

 Please, he who has contacts in Aso Rock, kindly forward the Article to the appropriate desk.  


A STITCH in time, will save NIGERIA

 from CIVIL WAR!

Six Year term gbakwa oku!

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