ELECTION FEEDBACK: Imolites in diaspora react to Gov.Ohakim re-election bid.

We have compiled feedback from the Official Fan page and  Citizens in diaspora in response to the 2011 election bid of His Excellency, Gov.Ikedi Ohakim.

Hygenius. A : If its a free and fair election, he is sure to lose. The church is against him. One thing though, the catholic church has its fangs for him.

Chikaodi. K: Dear Lord, may we go to bed & wake up without PDP rigging elections in Lagos & d rest of d S. West & East. May we not wake up to hear dt Ohakim defeated Rochas in Imo State. For this & oda mercies I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Samuel . N: my wife is supporting ohakim while i am for Rochas and am not ready to change. yesterday i was in my village and was discussing with family members and all said they r for ohakim too. for me i think we should try Rochas this time around.

Andrew. N: Dr Ikedi Godson Ohakim, the only governor with a style, purpose and vision, a man who believes in achieving great irrespective of the “wild goose chase” protocols bein establish by the founders of IMo State, a man who believes in positive c…hange and development, the first governor in IMo State who touched so many youths positively, a man who puts job creation and empowerment as a priority, a contemporary man, an exemplary leader and so much more!!!…Your victory is so evident to every imolite!…WE JUST WANT U 2 CONTINUE WIT UR GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!

Israel. K: @Andrew, I never wanted to write a single comment on your postsall these while because it seems you don’t understand what good governance is. Politics is not a do or die affair, if Ohakim has actually delivered the democratic dividends the Imo people have been yearning for, why all these fear. Fashola is calm in Lagos and I bet you the peoples mandate and the power of the ballot paper will definitely say today. Imo people have suffered a lot from the hands of a tyranny wearing the face of a democrat. Mind you, I’m not an apostle of zoning because it does not produce who should be a good leader.

Chuks.L : We dont want a Suker or drainer in Imo State govt. house. I have sanctified it…. its now Holy. Let our vote count.

Ngozi. U: Ohakim is a very arrogant man. Sometime in Maryland, USA, he attended an event and people tried to ask him questions, he did not answer any question but, rather he told them to go to the website. How can we deal with him for another Four years? God forbid.

Onyinye I: We shouldn’t listen to what people say and false allegations…every one sees ohakim as a devil 4 what???jst because of a mare incident..dat happened pls he should be given second chance to continue what he has started nit just condemning him…LET’S DO MORE…..

Lugard .M: Well, Owelle Rochas Okorocha (APGA) is the best candidate for this election. Ohakim has been camouflaging with Goodluck Jonathan but it didn’t work because Imo masses have already decided to vote for the kind hearted Rochas. For Imo to be rescued from the barbaric hands of Ikedi Ohakim, ensure you vote for Rochas Owelle Anayo (APGA). This man is on a rescue mission and God is using him truly to rescue us.

Chigozie. I: Ikedi Ohakim, we have barely 24 hours to go to the Polls. I have a good reason to believe you have worked for the state and your efforts have been appreciated. Please let us try another hand as it is only those that fail that requires extra time to make up. But, you have allowed your Ego to run you down and, your aides are not helping matters.  Is it fact that one of our Traditional rulers is under House Arrest for sewing Millitary and Police Uniforms?

Maxwel. N: Wow so its not only me that is seeing the other side of the new face of rot, corruption, deciet, lies and scams in Imo state. Some pple here are so used to bad governance that d get xcited with flowers, black and white paint used to beautify roads, Imo sea-port, new roads that im very sure d nxt governor will reaward thier contracts, etc. He was handed Imo state governor on a platter of Gold even when he neva xpected it so he has no xcuses to give except lame xcuses.

Sharon.O: The people of Imo state, let us all come out 2morow 2 vote 4 our gov. The devil u knw is better dan d angels u dnt knw. Christ has died n was ressurated becos of us, let us 4give n 4get d past n capture d future. Let vote 4 sir Ikedi Ohakim.

Maxwell. N: I prefer voting for an Angel i dont know than d devil i know. Reason beign that devils will always be devils and besides the governor has arrogance encoded in his gene. He is only appologising not cos he wants to appologise bt cos election is tuesday...

Nwachukwu.A: When someone make’s a mistake all he need is encuragement and suport to stand in a good dirction so ikedi need’s 100%suport to understand his mistakes and currect them so let’s vote for him for continiuty.


Fellow Imolites, so how many of us voted for Continuity?

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