Behold He is Risen! Uche Nwole (PPA):The 5th Wonder of the Imo Gubernatorial Elections.

How did Hon. Uche Nwole manage to escape my RADAR all this while? Just when I thought Hon. Nwajiuba was the least hopeful candidate in the Gubernatorial Election, Uche Nwole ressurects out of now where! Where have you been hiding campaigning, sir?Interestingly, The 419 King pin cum “Hon.Member”(NASS) has turned his life around and rededicated it back to God. He is an ordained Pastor and  is relying on his faith to EMERGE as Governor… Don’t ask me how for I do not know.

It is rumoured that sometime last week, he was received a prophesy from Pastor E.A. Adeboye that we would become the next Imo State Governor. Not sure if that prophesy was for  2015 or 2019 but, I am a firm believer of what God can do. The same God who parted the RED SEA may just be getting ready to Perform another Phenominal miracle.  Who knows?

Uche Nwole is quoted to have said that” his election as Imo Governor would take many people by storm, and that the manner it would come would justify the signs of its origin….”

In the meantime, can someone tell me more about Pastor Nwole’s church? Who are his sheep,please ? What are some of the sermons you are fed? Can I be hooked up with a Sermon, please? I  also hope he has also DEPARTED from his STINGY ways.  I just want to believe that he didnt carry that BAD POMPOUS ATTITUDE of the 90′s to the Pulpit?


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