Blood of Jesus! Amadioha priest warns INEC against malpractice in Imo State; issues Press Release. LWKMD!

This has been one of the most entertaining and dramatic elections I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I don’t believe in mini gods. As a Proud / Confident Christian, I am of the opinion that they are powerless. The only one to be feared  is the Almighty God in Heaven who is responsible for the air we breathe, this second. Even though I thought this article was “funny”, I decided to blog about it because the Priest gave some serious talk. Below are exerpts from an Interview from the Nigerian Daily News”

“Some juju priests in Imo State have taken up the gauntlet to ensure that the remaining governorship and House of Assembly polls in the state are free, fair and credible.

The Chief Priest of the dreaded Amadioha deity in Mbaise, Mazi Otagburuagu Okorie, has warned that the gods will visit election riggers with deadly and unimaginable health consequences if they flout any of the provisions of the Electoral Law.

According to the Chief Priest of Amadioha, the juju priests have charged the deity to inflict anyone among the electoral officials that tampers with the people’s electoral wishes with a swollen stomach, which will result in the death of the victim on the 14th day of the affliction”

Straight talk!! I honestly can’t help laughing at this but,  It’s very unfortunate that our Electoral system has degenerated to the point where Amadioha Priests have the guts to come out of their Shrines , issue Press Statement to  warn Election officials.  Biko nu, where on earth has that happened? (LWKMD)

For those in diaspora who are lost and have no clue who or what in the world, “Amadioha” is, here is some info for you:

“Amadioha is the god of thunder and lightning. He represents judgment and the will of humanity. Most importantly he is the god of justice, who strikes down those who break promises.Essentially Amadioha is the protector and  enforcer of the law. ..

Amadioha speaks, shouts, and sings through thunder, and strikes with lightning. Often he functions as the ultimate oath keeper and judges serious trials between gods and humans alike. He is often associated with Anyanwu, due to his relationship with Chukwu and his

Source – Odisym

Where he is speaking, I do not know for I have not heard him speak. My Holy Bible tells me that POWER belongs only to GOD IN HEAVEN. Anyway, just thought I share with you….Back to my Prayer Points biko.


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