EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW:The Rt.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu, Speaker Imo State House of Assembly

The Rt.Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu is Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly. He was elected on June 7th 2011 at the Inauguration of the 5th Assembly making him the Sixth Speaker of the House since 1999 .

In this Exlusive interview with IMO STATE BLOG, Mr. Speaker addresses some of the controversies surrounding his Decamp to the ruling party, APGA amongst other issues. Here are some excerpts:


Decamp from PDP to APGA

In Politics, what is important is the platform that serves your interest the best. At the time I joined APGA, more than Six PDP Members had already crossed over. For the past 4 years, we had a Government that had a complete disconnect with the people. There were high founding projects that never materialized. The people had lost touch with reality. What we need to do right now is to address the basic things to move Imo people forward.

The Okorocha Administration

His Excellency, Gov.Rochas Okorocha is a man of ideas. He has good intentions for Imo State. I believe that deep inside him he wants to make a difference. There will always be people who would do anything to undermine an Administration. As at last week, he had only spent 9 Million naira which is a good indicator that he is a prudent leader. I dont believe in people, I believe in their programmes. He is desirous of making a change. One thing is certain, he has liberated the Imo people from Political stagnation. Imolites can now elect their own leaders.

Response to attributed statement:  Rochas Plans are empty and unrealizable” (April 2011)

In the first instance, I was not properly quoted. At the time, Gov.Okorocha was proposing to give Free Education on all levels and, I had doubts about our capabilities as a State to provide funding for the plan. Unfortunately, my comments were taken out of context .

House of Assembly Building Complex

We met the House of Assembly Building is in a dilapidated state; the Ceilings are almost falling apart. The Toilets rooms are in bad condition. Although there are no funds at this time, repair has already commenced. I am using personal funds to finance the project.

Over time, there will be major renovations done to improve the Building structure. The constituents will have a Resource center well equipped with Computers and an updated collection of Books in the Library. It is unfortunate that the last time a Book was bought for the Library was Six years ago.

Part of the renovation plans for the Building  also includes provision for a Lounge . The Lounge will serve as a Meeting place where the people can interact with their Representatives.

Expectations from his Speakership.

Imo State will get the best from me. Service is my calling. As the elected Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, this is an opportunity for me to make a difference in the State.

All I ask is for Imolites is to give me Six months. I am aware that the expectations are high and I also understand that, there are limitations. Already there is a thinking tank committee that is being put together. We would work as a team to deliver the best to the people.

I believe that if we improve the basic necessities for the people such as Education, Health care , Water supply, Access Roads, Security to mention a few, the people will in turn be fortified to develop the Economy.


Rt.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu represents the Ihitte Uboma Constituency at the House of Assembly. He has an extensive Educational background in Political Science and International Relations.

He seems to be a very promising Leader; one who will take Imo state legislatively to new heights .

We wish The Rt.Hon Uwajumogu a  successful tenure as, Speaker of the Imo State 5th House of Assembly.


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