Finally, Buhari gets the liver to speak. Too late sir! Tell that to the birds…. NEXT!

Can you imagine that our 5 star weeping General waited almost 72 hours to issue a statement? He didnt even start from NTA…. he went on to BBC. “In the last 24 hours there has been a spate of violence in the country, this has included the burning of churches and it is a sad, unfortunate and totally unwarranted development. This is a criminal act…I seize this opportunity to dissociate myself and CPC from any such act. I must emphasise that what is happening is not ethnic, religious or regional”

Huh? With all due respect biko, what is 24hrs ,sir?  Did you and your household not wake up to the news on the morning of the 17th? I’m confused. You see, this is the problem I have with some politicians. Why feign ignorance on such as serious matter? It took critics to get Buhari to speak and this is the junk CPC is feeding us with? Bia go di, who wrote this speech for Uncle B ,biko? What do you people mean by “what is happening is not ethnic, religious or regional” You people are not serious.

I can’t believe I just wasted my blogspace on this matter.  Anyway, for those of you who are interested in listening to the General’s audio response on BBC… visit

… Congress for progressive BLOODSHED I guess.

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