If Buhari truly wept; he should be WAILING now.Only vampires are delighted at the sight of blood.

Since our emotional Fmr Presidential Aspirant, Gen. Buhari has chosen to remain silent on the chaos by his CPC Party supporters in Northern Nigeria. Our amiable fmr VP Atiku Abubakar took it upon himself to issue a statement condemning the riots in the North. That is what a true ELDER-STATESMAN does or could it be that Gen. Buhari is silently laughing?

Only VAMPIRES are delighted at the sight of blood!!. If indeed, Buhari genuinely wept for Nigeria then, there is no reason why he should not be WAILING allover CNN /NTA at the violence in the North by his supporters. There is no justification for the bloodshed.

Its about time we call on all the Presidential candidates who lost in the Elections to make a joint statement condemning the riots in its totality. Just as it was easy for them to write a joint statement refusing to be part of the Presidential debate with Pres. Jonathan, they should jointly and publicly declare that they accept INEC’s verdict and say NO to violence! Accept the defeat and keep it moving! Shikena!!

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