Finally, the Award Winning Police I.G, Hafiz Ringim disgracefully bows out.

So today, we are celebrating the shameful exit of nna anyi ukwu Hafiz Ringim from the office of Police Inspector General. In my humble opinion,  he should have been removed from that office a long time ago .

Why President Jonathan decided to keep Mr.Ringim as Inspector General of Police despite his incompetence, only God in heaven knows. Under , Mr.Hafiz Ringim’s watchful eyes, Boko Haram showed us pepper….bombing at will and causing havoc all over the nation.  To add salt to the injury, when they were selecting people to receive National Honours…. Daddy Jonathan found him deserving of the CFR award.  When yours truly queried why he was given a National Honour… I got calls on that write-up and was told to “shut up”. I did.

Finally, as God would have it, using the person of Zakari Biu, the Boko Haram Commissioner of Police, President Jonathan’s eyes have opened.  The  incompetent I.G has been replaced with  Mohammed Dikko  Abubakar. Excerpts from the Press Release issued from the State House read:


 President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has approved the appointment of Mr. Mohammed D. Abubakar as Acting Inspector General of Police as a first step towards the comprehensive reorganization and repositioning of the Nigeria Police Force to make it more effective and capable of meeting emerging internal security challenges. 

Mr. Abubakar who is currently an Assistant Inspector General of Police replaces Mr. Hafiz Ringim who proceeds on terminal leave with effect from today, 25th January 2012. 


No matter how they try to sugar-coat it… Nna anyi ukwu was fired. HO HA!

This is definitely the Lords doing, Glory be to God.






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