FLASHBACK:Gov.Ohakim gives Imolites reasons why he deserves our vote.

Prior to the April 26th elections, Gov. Ikedi Ohakim boasted of defeating the other Candidates with a Landslide victory.

“I shall emerge as the governor on April 26. My people will confirm my tenure. I have the mandate and there is no other governor in Imo State. My people have decided to give me another term and there is nothing anybody can do about it. My people will give me nothing less than 90 per cent of their total votes because I have done very well.”


“At a very young age, I became the town union president and I was involved in students politics as far back as 1974. Those of them who are contesting elections, were they born here? They were born in the North. They couldn’t trace their village expect for about two years back when they came. Some of them were born in Delta. Show me any of the candidates of Imo governorship election who can claim that he is a home boy. Most of them can’t speak Igbo, they can’t read Igbo Bible. Their children cannot speak Igbo. They can’t even say one proverb in Igbo. Let them come to the radio and speak Igbo. Forget about what they are trying to do. They are just media creations..

“…….There is no competition in Imo State. My people know where they are going and they are behind me. Opposition elements are rabble rousers and very soon, they shall be placed in their position. Nobody can foment trouble here. No matter the connection they have.”

As they say, Man proposes, God disposes. Not sure what exactly happened but   we head back to the polls on May 6th  for a re-run in certain areas.

Even though none of the other candidates were mentioned,  if your mind ever went to Owelle Rochas Okorocha or Sen.Ifeanyi Araraume at anytime while you were reading , you are own your own. LOL!

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