State Police Commissioner speaks on the May 6th elections.

Our no-nonsense Commisioner of Police, Mr. Tambari Mohammed has issued a warning to all ye online petitioners and supporters of the opposition camps to  refrain from causing any kind of Drama at the re-run elections set to hold on May 6th.

“This time around we are on top of the situation. All the security agencies have been briefed……. I will not disclose everything here but I can assure you we are going to have a good presence in all the polling booths, and the military will also take strategic positions around the polling booths so that anytime we require their assistance we can always call them.

Those planning mayhem should have a re-think as the police will not tolerate any breach of peace. My advise is that the people should not allow themselves to be used by the rich and mighty for their own selfish interest…….. Democracy is not got overnight…”

No wonder that whole “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” talk  does not apply in Nigeria even though we boast of being a Democratic Government. If at 51, we still can’t get our act together, I don’t know when we’ll achieve this so called Democracy.

Sir, quite frankly, I doubt the citizens will go out of their way to obstruct Peace. I think all the people are calling for  is a free and fair election. Having good presence at the booth is not enough. What measures are in place to acost those “professional ballot snatchers” this time around?

Also, as you plan to have your Men dicipline unruly citizens sir, we hope you  can guarantee us that they will be ALERT while on DUTY.  This picture is a huge embarrassment to the Police Force.

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