For the record, Ihedioha was no monster as Governor – Joi John

In all of this, I feel the most empathy for His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and his immediate family. There is no doubt he meant well for Imo State. Eight (8) months may have been too little of a time to prove this to his critics. One of the biggest misconceptions of his person from the time he emerged candidate of the PDP to when he took on the saddle of leadership in Imo State was that he was arrogant. I saw a different side of his person and if you had followed any of my live updates during his trips abroad, I bet you formed your own opinion based on his casual interactions with citizens in diaspora.

Ihedioha was no monster as Governor. He was a leader with a listening ear. But the braggado-ish and clannish attitude from many of you has created the opportunity for the mockery on social media. Days to the Supreme Court verdict, His Excellency was in Obowo to attend the child dedication service of his Chief of Staff. There was no brief stop over at the home of Chief Sam Mbakwe to pay “homage”. It was the right thing to do. In all of the 7-8 months; not one courtesy visit to the widow of the first civilian Governor of the State. A blunder hard to overlook. I digress.

If you find yourself in the corridors of power, remember that Power is transient. If you have to paste it on your doors and windows for reminders, do it!!

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