Free tertiary education: Okorocha is playing to the gallery – Alex Emeziem

Former legislator, Hon. Alex Emeziem  has just sent in the following response to the free tertiary education programme recently flagged off by Governor Rochas Okorocha. Just incase you missed the article last week, read it here.

 What is the cost implication to the state? Is it sustainable and is it what the state needs at this time?  It doesn’t end in saying it.

I have been in government and Joi, I tell you we can’t afford it. Even the Federal capital teritory (FCT) can’t afford it. Okorocha is playing to the gallery. We the Imo people demand to know the cost implication annually.

Is it the state priority to give free education to all up to tertiary level or  isn’t it better to have a scholarship scheme for those that can’t afford tertiary education and  develop the state so that  jobs will be created?

A state with a capital city that has no running water, good roads (going from old to new Owerri) is a big issue. Healthcare is almost at zero level. It’s funny.  

I believe that if truly the Governor wants to make tertiary education free for Imo indigenes, there are better ways to implement it rather than asking students to go and collect money from their monarchs .

Meanwhile, I believe Imo people deserve to know how much we are spending on this his so called free education scheme.





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