Gov.Ohakim makes last campaign stop at Ngor Okpala. Breaks down in tears…

Sources who witnessed the Ngor Okpala Campaign rally for Gov. Ikedi Ohakim were touched by the heart-melting speech delivered by His Excellency.

“… He begged for votes in Tears. He talked and talked! Oforo ntakiri ya ebeputa obara. Will you believe Ikiri can cry? He promised to install a son of Ngor Okpala as the next Governor in Imo State. He swore with an “offor” in his hand “

WOW!! Who would have thought we would ever get to hear or see  this side of his Excellency?  It takes a lot for a Man to break down in tears. All through his campaign, so many disrespectful words have been thrown his way. Be as it may, we all deserve a second chance.

It appears His Excellency is determined to prove to Imolites that the next four years would be different. His new jingles on air says “iwe nwanne anaghi eru okpukpu. Onye emejoro gbaghara” Translation: A siblings anger does not reach the bone. If anyone has been wronged, he should forgive.”

How nice?

I refuse to believe Gov.Ohakim is as bad as the Opposition/ majority of the people  have succeeded in potraying him. The message below was sent to me a few weeks back. Supposedly from an observer at the the April 9th senatorial elections who had posted this on his facebook page. The name of the poster has been witheld for privacy. It is only posted on here to clear any misconceptions.

” A drama occurred in Mbaitoli this night when Gov.Ohakim led Chief Nlemigbo and other PDP clowns to hijack the ballot.This happened at exactly 7pm.Unfortunately for Ohakim, the EU observers were present at the collation center and he ran away upon sighting them.PDP is on the verge of losing the three senatorial districts in Imo state.NEW FACE OF IMO MY FOOT!”

After several attempts to clarify this story with the Ohakim Campaign, an authoritative spokesperson finially responded to refute this claim. He stated that the information was false and was just another propaganda to discredit Gov.Ikedi Ohakim. At the said time, he was in his home.

It is in my understanding that His Excellency is not seen anywhere outside his home past 6pm so, such event could never have happened..

Your Excellency Sir,  If indeed you meant every word you promised to the people of Ngor Okpala and to the citizens of Imo State as a whole, may God deliver you at the polls .

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