Gov.Okorocha delivers State of Imo Address

Following the return of Civil Servants to work today, His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha held a State of Imo Address to the people in which he reiterated the Achievements of his Administration.

According to a source, based on the little he heard,  he was impressed with the Speech. However, as far as Achievements on ground, he was not impressed.

Quoting our Source:

 “He made a good speech and I am beginning to believe his vision. Just waiting and watching as it unfolds. . . . He went further to emphasize how he has been saving money for the State..Travelled alone to ireland and Japan. Cleaed his baggage himself at the airport. (LOL)…He disclosed that some Governors spent N5million to N10million a day going to Abuja or Lagos. ….(LOL)

 According to the feedback communicated to IMO STATE BLOG,  Gov.Okorocha listed his Achievements to include: Adapalm, Concorde Hotel and Avutu Modern Poultry that will be concessioned to Private investors to raise the Revenue profile of the State. His Excellency also disclosed that he has initiated the refurbishment of the State liason Office in Abuja which hitherto was a laughing stock to the State.  Overall, it was a very convincing speech by His Excellency.

We all know Our Governor is a born ORATOR…. can’t go wrong with  a SPEECH from His Excellency. One reason why he tops our list as the most admired Governor in the Country.

However, positioning our Microphone to  the other side of the Fence, a one time Commisioner in the Ohakim Administration (name withheld) did not mince words in expressing his views from the Address. Reacting to Governor Okorocha’s speech,  he had this to say:

  He is a fraud. He is a failure. He spoke ungubernatorially. . .  using words like Political-hurry-hurrism, *emegam-ninism *and others. Just playing around with Igbo words he coined to English. He talked of Mbakwes projects he wants to revive. He mentioned that the office Ohakim built with N650 million, he will build the same for N200m . . .  

It is clear he doesn’t have any programme  for the State. He needs to start now  to articulate his progammes. He should be talking about Free education. He should have templates and tell Imo people, “Score me based on this”.. . . .that is what we want.

To be continued. . . .

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