REFRESHER: Manifesto of His Excellency, Governor Rochas Okorocha


To build an Imo State of our collective dream for this and indeed the future generations.


To rescue Imo people from irresponsive leadership and imminent collapse.


To save the lives of the numerous poor ndi Imo while protecting the interest of the few rich.

MAJOR AREAS OF FOCUS – Our Policy Thrust


“A mind is a great thing to waste”. Indeed, a child’s right to education cannot be denied irrespective of background. Education is the greatest gift any responsible government can give to the society. Looking at the streets of Imo State, many children who should be in school are unfortunately roaming the streets hopelessly. These Children, if given the right opportunity can become responsible leaders in different fields of human endeavor.

Dear Imolites, it is gratifying to note that our mission in education is well known to all. All children of Imo State must have free and compulsory basic/ secondary education. In our administration, Every Child Counts (ECC).

As at 2008, Imo State had about 1,296 Primary Schools. Because of proximity and age of pupils, the number will be maintained and our Government will spend between 8.5 and 9.2 Billion Naira over a period of four years; for the refurbishment of the said primary Schools to meet with today’s standard of learning environment.

In addition to this, we will as a priority spend 2.4 Billion Naira on re- training of teachers at this formative all important stage of learning. In our Teach-The-Teacher Program (TTP) we will lay emphasis on Science and Technology to meet the challenges of today.


In recent times, Our State has witnessed over 28% dropout rates for female and 34% for male. This worrisome development must be checked with Radical Education Re-engineering Program (RERP) which will in the first phase require government investment of 21.6 Billion Naira over a 4 year period to set up 120 world class Secondary Boarding Schools equipped with the most advanced facilities in the areas of science and technology.

Our Government will re-organize educational system to be in tune with modern trends and technology. We will rebuild our educational system to focus on the following areas:

1. Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation (EWC)

2. Practical Education System (PES) which will address such strategic areas as creative writing, Film production and editing, Fashion designing, mechanic, carpentry / Joinery / Craft Making, neighborhood Security / Surveillance Inter- alia. All these and more will be established within the Imo Vocational Village (IVV) to be established in the three senatorial zones.

3. An innovation of Teach-The-Teacher Program (TTP) will be set up to reshape and upgrade our present falling standard of education.

4. Introduction of a Culture Based Education System (CBES) which will bring back our cultural values.

5. The re-introduction of craft and civic education in our primary schools.


Our tertiary institutions now moribund will be upgraded and maintained to compete with others in line with learning and research, through collaboration and exchange programs with Tertiary institutions within and outside the Country. We will make our University Education entrepreneurial and result oriented.

Our graduates shall no more end up with theory only, but in addition acquire practical education to function in the global market. Our Government will review downward the present high cost of school fees paid in our State tertiary institutions.


“Health is wealth and a healthy person is a wealthy person” Dear Imolites, it is indeed regrettable and unacceptable that less than 10% of our population have access to the first intervention basic healthcare.

Unfortunately, pregnant women and their babies die during childbirth and infant mortality is very high due to inadequate and often times non-availability of first intervention medical facilities. Our Government policy is anchored on, Health At Your Door Step (HYDS)

We will provide functional and sustainable healthcare centers within the reach of the rural communities through a Well Equipped Container Clinic (WECC) powered by solar energy and manned by well trained and certified medical personnel. Children within the age of 1- 10 years, pregnant women and elderly people from 65 and above will have free Medicare.

All emergency cases must be attended to without pre-conditions under our administration. We will ensure that there is a functional and well equipped General Hospital in each Local Government Area of Imo State. The government under Owelle Rochas Okorocha will re-introduce Health Education and Sanitary Inspection Program. We will as a matter of health policy priority build a world class Referral Hospital in the State to attract patients and health seekers from other states and outside the country. The referral hospital will also earn foreign exchange for the country.


The present system of transportation in Imo State can only be described as chaotic. Our