Gov. Rochas Okorocha Transition committee members swing into action

To  ensure a peaceful and kuru-kere free transition, Gov-elect Rochas Okorocha has set up a committee to makesure all i-s are dotted and all t-s are crossed to avoid hearing story.  

Among the committees set up include Agriculture with Hon Ugochukwu Nnawuike as chairman, Infrastructure (Goddy Obodo), Education (Prof Fabian Osuji) and culture and Traditional Institution (Donald Akano). 

Others are finance, (Casmir Anyanwu), Industrialization, Health, Environment, Youth Development/Employment creation and Sports, Security/Law/Order, Entertainment and Tourism, and Information Technology (IT).

I am happy to see that one time commissioner , Prof.Fabian Osuji was called upon to serve. He is one of the few men of intergrity that we have left. Good choice! I trust that with Prof.Tony Anwuka (Fmr. Vice Chancellor – IMSU) at that the helm of affairs in the Okorocha Administration, we are on track for success.

Though no mention was made of the duration of the Committee members, fillers have it that most of them might metamorphose into Rochas new Cabinet when it will be inaugurated after May 29th.

Its bad enough that the State account is virtually empty. All the BILLIONS syphoned out of the State Treasury towards the failed re-election bid of Gov.Ohahim cannot and will not be recovered. With that at the back of our minds, let us wish the transition committee a stress free  assignment.

Credit: AnnouncerExpress

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