Son of an outgoing PDP Governor gets HIGH.Fires a Gun in an Abuja nite club

Yes o!  the caption says it all. I am not calling any names so please do not probe.


Yours truly has it dat na the Son of a certain outgoing PDP governor was recently provoked to show off his shooting skills at an Abuja night club. Sources who witnessed the shooting effizzy could not really account for what provoked the Junior Excellency as the whole club went bazookers at the sound of the Poo-yaka ! Na so every body pick race….(Hilarious)


I learnt this same nicompoop / woman beater actually pounded a girl who snubbed him at a Club a while back. No body could discipline him. Fool!! Shame on you for not being able to woo a girl your mate. Ewu!


All these spoil brats sef. I dont blame una.Well done!  Keep it up . (My Father na Governor) go soon end. Enjoy the immunity while it lasts.


I was also reliably informed that this arrogant good for nothing first son  introduces himself to you with his BUSINESS CARD printed:

_____________   ____________

Son of the Executive Governor of  ________ State

 How foolish!!


The person whom he handed the card to also happens to be a Son of a Popular heavy weight Politician. The Guy didn’t even touch the card. He just left it on the counter and changed position. LOL! 


Anyway, I hope our gun loving Junior Excellency has his Graphic Designer on standby to edit the card to read as follows :

  Son of the Immediate Past disgraced Exec. Governor of ________  State.

LOL!!! Biko, let me go back to my tree branch till May.29th before una practice the  shooting skills on me. Udo diri unu. Off I go!

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