Drama:Staff Challenges Gov.Ikedi Ohakim on Free Education Promise.

Gov.Ikedi Ohakim decided to pull a (Rochalistic move) at the 11th hour by offering Free Education and Free health care to all indigenes of the State home and abroad.  (Story Story? Story!!) LOL

A very bold staff who witnessed the EXCO meeting when he made the 300,000 job promise could not stomach the  __________  gushing out of His Excellency. The said staff mustered up courage to challenge him. LOL.

Below is a first-hand transcript of how it played out in the Inner Chambers of the Govt. House.

Staff: Sir, I was priviledged to be at all ur rallies and u always criticized your opponent Rochas Okorocha saying Free education at all levels is not achievable. Why is it now achievable?

Gov.Ohakim in his no-nonsense Ikirilotic demeanour  picked up his jaw from the ground and responded: My friend who are you and where are you from?  What do you mean by that type of question?

Haahahahahahahahaha. Ikiri toh bad!! lol

Anyway so back to the gist, I was told that it took the intervention of the Commisioner of Information, Mr.Elvis Agukwe who came to the rescue: You see, there has been a Prof. Ndubuizu panel on this issue and they have finally come to a conclusion that its do-able besides, that is what the  Imo people want.

The inquisitive staff did not stop there. Looking straight into the eyes of His Excellency, the  next question was : But Sir, this is known to be the agenda of the incoming Governor, why not leave it to him since you have little or no time to implement it? 

At this point, Gov.Ohakim who, was almost turning blue in anger charged back at the Staff: Who said I have no time ? I am still the  Governor of this State till May 29th!

Staff : But Sir…..

LOLLLL!!! Poor staff was cut off from asking his next question .(Shaking my head)

Was this  not the same Gov.Ikedi Ohakim who is quoted to have said that FREE EDUCATION was not possible anywhere in the world? Acccording to Gov.Ohakim,  any state in the country that claims that it can operate free Education is completely ignorant of the UBE (University Basic Education)  of the Federal government. Now, he is eating his words?

 Mr.Agukwe , the outgoing Commissioner of Information was reported to have told newsmen last week Monday, May 15th that the Free Education promise covers primary, secondary and university education. He said those doing their master’s and Ph.D programmes are also to enjoy this benefit.



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