Governor Okorocha distributes Kerosene …..

No need for okpo okpo grammar . Please focus on the highlighted quote below. Anonymously transmitted for your reading pleasure. See you at the bottom of the post.   



Joi John nne m, Rochas your man go stadium with tankers of kerosine go dey dash people free of charge. Yesterday and today. People were trampling on each other . Thank God say person no die sef.


Nne m, that man is the god of confusion and disorganistion!!I tell you!

Kerosine dey scarce and where e dey;  it’s sold for N120 naira against N50 naira official pump price. It’s a good thing he did but his method was not the best.

 Govt House get fuel dump; he should have asked people to go there or even distributed it to filling stations and mandated them to sell at correct pump price but, you know him;  He likes unnecessay show. . .. make people say na him work pass”

UPDATE: IMO STATE BLOG has confirmed that  indeed the Kerosene was distributed for FREE. The collaboration was done in partnership with Capitol Oil*.

However, a number of  people said they had to pay for their Kerosene. Why would the Governor instruct for Kerosene to be distributed for free only to turn his back and it ends up being sold?

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