READERS MAIL: "Keke" driver pleads with New Administration

A Keke  driver in the state has reached out  to share his road experience  around the State capital. According to this Motorist:


The Roads are horrible and the excuse is the rainy season. Refuse disposal has improved tremendously but the Road network is in terrible shape leading to traffic gridlocks everyday. 

Infact, you need a rugged SUV to move around without stress especially Amakohia, Orji, Umuguma axes. All major roads witness traffic jam when it rains. Wetheral Road at MCC Road Junction, Amakohia and Orlu Road. This is because the feeder roads are impassable. There is pressure on the major roads.

The number of car owners have increased without improvement in Road infrastructure. Its hellish driving sometimes. Feels like you are in Lagos Traffic. The Roads need aggressive face lift.  Our Roads need serious attention. Aggressively too. *Even if that is all Owelle does, Imolites will love him forever..*

It is a thing of joy when Citizens in the State look up to their New Governor to solve their needs. In this case, we can consider our requests granted.

A reliable source in the  disclosed to   that effective  , Monday  August 8th, Road work  will commence in the State. According to the source, all bad roads will be resurfaced. From Aladinma to Umuguma; no pot-hole will be ignored.

This is Good news indeed! A Plus to the Administration when it pulls through.

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